Family of Veteran Who Died in Jail Demands Answers after His Body Was Returned Missing Vital Organs

Comfort Omovre
Jun 11, 2019
02:10 A.M.
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A Queens native mysteriously died while imprisoned. His relatives have made an outcry after discovering that vital organs of his body are missing. 


Everett Palmer Jr., a known veteran, was arrested and jailed on the grounds of drunk driving in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, he passed away while in custody and his family received his body which they alarmingly found was missing his brain, heart, and throat. 


The shocking discovery has his bereaved parents protesting against the concerned authorities, “Spectrum News NY1” reports. Before his untimely demise, Everett had been a veteran who had only started raising his own family. 

The 41-year-old had visited Pennsylvania last year because of an outstanding warrant for a DUI charge. His family, however, got shocking news a few days after when authorities informed them that Palmer had been arrested and had later passed away in the York County Jail.

The county coroner reportedly claimed that Palmer "agitatedly" caused himself self-harm only for him to later change the result of his findings concluding that Everett died from "complications following an excited state, associated with methamphetamine toxicity, during physical restraint."


Vying for justice, the Palmer family employed a pathologist, who came to a much different conclusion that Everett’s death is manslaughter. That sounded more accurate with the battered state in which his family received Everett’s body. Not only was he bruised, but vital organs like his brain, heart, and throat were also missing.

Palmer’s family lawyer, Marlon Kirton, ascertained that while the coroner might remove brains and hearts for autopsies, they usually don't cut out the throat. He asserted that the only reason for this would be if the authorities are hiding the real cause of Everett’s death like "maybe by asphyxiation." 


Also, the Palmers are putting forth the argument that the autopsy showing "methamphetamine toxicity” means Palmer took the drug while he was in jail. With no defining answer to their cries, the Palmers are still in anguish.

The hurt emotions come really through especially as Everett’s sister, April Palmer related how it feels like being unbelievably embroiled in such a situation. 

Everett’s won't be the first case that would have bereaved family members speaking out at authorities. Just a few months ago, NBC reported that a family was “demanding answers” from the Chicago Police after two patrol cars while responding to an “emergency call," were involved in a fatal crash that killed an elderly woman.