Man Shares His Thoughts on Asking Ex's Daughter to Stop Calling Him ‘Dad’ - Faces a Massive Backlash

Comfort Omovre
Jun 15, 2019
11:10 A.M.
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An unidentified man became the subject of criticism after he voiced his desire to have his ex’s daughter stop addressing him as “dad.”


The man shared a lengthy post on “Reddit” detailing his story about how having his ex's daughter still referring to him as dad makes him uncomfortable. He asked for the opinion of the public about his thoughts and received backlash from netizens.  

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In the post which he titled “WIBTA for asking my ex's daughter to stop calling me "dad"?” the man explains that he was with his ex for seven years during which her two-year-old daughter, who was nine years old at the time of their separation, fondly called him dad.

That closeness was a result of the trio living together, and the man even revealed that he once hoped they would become a real family if they eventually tied the knot. 

That, however, didn't come to be, but he maintained an “amicable” relationship with the ex. However, the thing he finds very unsettling about it all is that his ex's daughter, who is now a teenager, still calls him dad!


While that may not have been very difficult to handle even after their separation, the fact that he is soon-to-be married has made the subject an exceptionally distressing one for him. According to him, his fiancee “doesn't like it” since he isn't even her biological father. 

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The actual truth of the situation comes out as he concludes that his fiancee wants his undivided attention and would like him to focus more on their plans to start raising children of their own.

Although he reiterated that he is “indifferent” about the situation, he notes that he plans to sit his ex and the 14-year-old down to discuss the issue. Netizens rebuffed his plans and deemed him an a**hole. One user wrote:

“YTA - you're the only father she's ever known, but you're going to cut ties and tell her to stop calling you dad because it makes your fiance uncomfortable...I mean technically you don't owe her anything since you're not her father, but God damn that is cold.”


Another wrote angrily:

“You divorce spouses, not children. How someone can abandon a child they raised for nearly a decade is beyond me. OP and his new fiancée are both massive a**holes.” 

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Some other Reddit users even related their personal stories in cases like his but still expressed disapproval for his plans.

Amidst all of his anxious thoughts, he never even once mentioned how the little girl might feel about his new girlfriend because having spent most of her life knowing him as her dad, there is a high possibility that she might have hoped that he would get back with her mother.

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Sadly, there is no response from the man leaving everyone wondering if disapproval from netizens stopped him from making harsh decisions.