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Keanu Reeves Praised for the Way He Poses in Photos with Other People

Joe Akins
Jun 12, 2019
11:31 A.M.
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Keanu Reeves is the current sweetheart on social media, and this time, his goodwill is coming from posing "Respectfully" with other people, but he wasn't always this way!


Since the world got introduced to Keanu Reeves in the ‘90s, as "Neo" in the first "Matrix" movie, people could not help but love the guy who took down the "Machines."


The soft-speaking actor who often gets praised for his excellent acting skills is getting accolades for being a gentleman and "Respectful."The accolades started rolling in after a Twitter user, Kemoy Lindsay, tweeted a photo collage of the actor posing with female fans and the music icon, Dolly Parton.

In the images, the ladies leaned into Reeves while he positioned his hand in a way that prevents him from touching them. Lindsay tweeted as the caption for the photos, "Lol! Keanu ain't taking no chances."


The tweet has gotten over three thousand views and eighty thousand retweets and several comments. The comments called the actor "A respectful man," "Smart and thoughtful." Some alluded that Reeves was trying to protect himself in the light of the Me Too Movement, while others said he was being considerate and trying not to invade the personal space of the women.


The actor equally posed the same way with the cast of "John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum;" he kept his hands to his side while most of the cast linked hands. In a separate pose with Halle Berry, the 54-year-old actor ensured their joined hands did not touch.

However, in 2006, while promoting "The Lake House" with Sandra Bullock, Reeves got photographed several times with his hand pressed to her back; the two are close friends.

Interestingly, the "Speed" star is unaware of the love he is getting online for his posing style, and when "People" mentioned it to him on the red carpet of "Toy Story 4," the actor was surprised.


Reeves told the news outlet that he is getting a lot of positivity from his fans and he thanked them for embracing his role as "John Wick," and loving his "Netflix” romantic comedy "Always Be My Maybe."

The iconic actor has also in the past gotten lots of love for buying his groceries himself, riding motorcycles, and for being introspective. Just as Reeves said, "Duke Caboon" the character he played in "Toy Story 4" is full of life, he is full of "Respect" for the people who come to him for a picture or an autograph and we couldn't love him more!