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Lady Gaga Tells Fans to ‘Be Kind’ Amid Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk’s Breakup

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 14, 2019
06:30 P.M.
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"Be kind, Be kind, or F--- off," Lady Gaga took a shot at public speculation following Bradley and Irina split!


News of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper's break up recently hit news outlets, and more attention and suspicion was drawn to Lady Gaga as the possible cause of the couple's split.


The music star took her time to talk about the issue to the fans present for her performance at the Park MGM in Las Vegas.

Gaga and Bradley sang "Shallow" in "A Star Was Born," the piece of art which won an Oscar Award. The pair also performed this song at the previous Academy Awards Ceremony, a soulful and romantic duet which got everybody talking.

As soon as Lady Gaga started to address the fans at Park MGM, she quickly talked about the rights of the LGBTQ community in honor of pride month. She stated that when she got into the industry, a lot of people complained that she had a very gay demeanor and her songs appealed to the community a little too much.


The singer went ahead to discuss societal tags and labels and how her fans should make sure it doesn't define who they are. She later implored fans to be kind to people or kick rocks, a jibe probably directed at the rumors surrounding herself and Bradley's split from Irina.

About a week ago, reports reached People that Cooper and Shayk had broken up after being together for four years and are presently working out an agreement on custody of their daughter.

There have been suspicions from the public that Gaga's intimacy with Bradley since the shooting of "A Star Was Born" and the beaming chemistry between them while performing during the awards was the reason behind Cooper and Shayk's separation.


Gaga has since spoken about it, stating that both of them are just friends. She further explained that the love or connection people perceived between her and Bradley was the result of a finely done performance which aimed at making people feel just that.

Following the singer's interview with People, a piece of insider information which claimed that Gaga knew of Bradley's relationship struggles reached Hollywood Life.

The Information stated that Bradley had been torn apart by the struggles and Gaga had been available to help comfort him and advise him; Gaga has been a shoulder for Bradley to lean on.


The information further stated that it was easy to talk to Gaga since they had been together on set and rehearsals for about two years, and Gaga has also gone through similar problems in her past relationships, life, and career. Therefore, they both resonated with each other naturally through their experiences.

Lady Gaga also recently separated from her fiancé, and the split happened during the period of shooting "A Star Is Born." Gaga's ex-fiancé recently liked a picture of Irina on her Instagram page following Irina's trip to Iceland for a photo shoot days after her split from Bradley was announced.

Sources claimed that Bradley and Irina had relationship problems for a while before they finally broke up and the leading cause of the separation was because their relationship was less organic and they were always apart most of the time.