Man Mowed Lawns for Free in Every State to Help U.S. Veterans

Rodolfo Vieira
Jun 15, 2019
05:43 P.M.
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A 29-year-old man from Alabama has recently finished his 50-state trip across America mowing lawns for free for U.S. Veterans and active duty members.


Rodney Smith Jr., from Huntsville, landed on Hawaii on Thursday, June 13, where he finally completed his mission.

According to Smith Jr., he decided to help people with their yard work to encourage others to get out there and become helpful members of society, especially when it comes to veterans.



The good Samaritan shared that he came up with the project in 2015, while he was pursuing his bachelor's degree. The idea just popped into his head when he saw an elderly man trying to mow the law.

Smith Jr. said:

"It looked like he was struggling, so I pulled over and helped him. That's when I got my goal to mow lawns for free for the elderly, single moms and veterans."



From that day forward, he began mowing the lawn for those who had trouble doing it themselves and eventually started recruiting youngsters from the community to help out.

The 29-year-old explained that the goal of the program is to encourage children to make a difference and learn from the experience, "one lawn at a time."


He even created the "50 Lawn Challenge" so young people from different communities around the U.S. could step out of their comfort zones and help people with their yard work.

This wasn't the first time the Huntsville resident traveled to all 50 states to promote his work. He also did it in 2017 and 2018, but this year he carried out his mission to raise awareness for veterans and what they have sacrificed for this country.



Fortunately, Smith Jr. is not alone on his quest for kindness, as four young brothers saved an elderly lady from ending up in jail by mowing her lawn. As it turns out, Gerry Suttle, from Waco Texas, had a warrant over her high grass

The grass was 18 inches tall, which violated the city code. The boys, who didn't even know Suttle, heard about the warrant for her arrest and mowed her lawn without expecting nothing in return.