How Anderson Cooper's Mom Gloria Vanderbilt Coped after Her Son Carter Took His Life

Gloria Vanderbilt's suffered a significant loss when her son, Carter, took his life, and how she coped with his death, is truly inspiring and speaks of her high strength.

Earlier this month, CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper's mother, Gloria Vanderbilt died at the age of 95, and in her lifetime, she suffered a significant loss that impacted the rest of her life.

In July, '88, her third son, and Anderson's older brother, Carter Cooper, died after he threw himself from the ledge of his bedroom balcony, at Vanderbilt's Manhattan penthouse.

Over two decades after the apparent suicide, mother and son, sat at an interview with People to talk about the ways they coped with the death of the man they both loved. Vanderbilt said she never overcame the loss of her third child, as she never found closure — a word the socialite called the worst in the English language.

The mother-of-four said the death brought her and Anderson closer, as they drew strength from each other, but the sense of loss they felt was always present.

The New York resident said she coped by letting people talk about Carter, and when they try to sidestep around his name in a conversation, she asks them not to, as it brings her late son closer to those who loved him, and ensures that they remember him. 

Anderson, in an interview in 2014, spoke along these lines. The TV personality said he carried his brother's death with him every day, and for a while, he wondered if he had the same suicidal tendencies.

The CNN news man has long gotten over his fears, but the answers to the questions he had as to why Carter jumped will forever remain unanswered, and now, the person who understood and shared the pain as much as he did is gone.

In Anderson's statement which was released on the news network, he described Vanderbilt as an extraordinary human being who loved life and lived the way she wanted, adding that she was a painter, writer, excellent mother, and very modern.

The deceased was also an actress — she starred in "The Swan" — and a model. Vanderbilt first appeared on the cover of Harper Bazaar at 15 and went on to cover Vanity Fair and Vogue.

Vanderbilt's other sons, Leopold and Christopher Stokowski, were from her second marriage — she got married four times, the last was to Wyatt Cooper. 

The deceased had a lot of accomplishments, and she co-wrote a memoir "The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss," with her anchor son, thereby immortalizing their bond in print.

Vanderbilt lives on in Anderson's memory, and as he said, she now lives among the stars, a place he always told himself, that his mother, who believed in love more than anything, came from.

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