Woman Whose Hair Turned Gray at 21 Now Feels Much Hotter at 44

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 20, 2019
06:30 P.M.
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How would you feel if you woke up in the morning as a 21-year-old to discover that your hair turned gray overnight? That was the case of Sara Eisenman at 21, and she did everything dye-possible to hide it from others.


For Sara Eisenman, waking up to the sight of her hair turned gray at the youthful age of twenty-one was a daylight nightmare.


Surprised beyond measure at the discovery, she took all steps possible to hide what she felt was aging. Box dyes became her favorite remedy as she did her possible best to look good in the eyes of people.

However, with time and with her attention turning to raising her two children, she was able to see herself differently and thus embrace her true self. She shared her story on her Instagram page. 


Sara, who hails from Sedona, in Arizona, USA, woke up one morning while she was in her twenties and discovered a scary sight. Her hair was starting to turn gray, which didn’t seem natural for someone of her age.


The young Sara saw this as a sign of aging and took steps to hide it from view. She began to dye her hair every two weeks, and this continued for a long time.

A weird incident occurred when she was pregnant with her son, Abe. Hours before the delivery, she dyed her hair so that people wouldn’t think she was getting old when they came visiting. 



In her Instagram post, Sara revealed just how much she hid her true self in trying to fit with worldly standards. She highlighted some examples such as sending her daughter to a preschool where they fed her with food she was allergic to; being friends with cliquey moms, though she was nothing like them; trying to buy into the American dream, though things were not easy, and so on. 

However, all that would give way when she discovered that other things mattered more.


After fifteen years of constantly dying her air, Sara knew she had to stop and become free. As she spent more time raising her kids, she began to forget about dying her hair, and this made her realize that there were things more important than her hair color.


She then fixed her eyes on a bigger picture. She confided in her husband, who gave her all his support, but when she told her friends about her decision, they said she would look like a witch. However, she didn’t listen to the stereotype and let go of all the dye boxes. She accepted her true self, and it was then she became free. 


As she is about to turn 44, Sara feels even much younger, freer and sexier than before. She is a proud publisher of three books, and one of them talks about hair. She explains that embracing one’s true self is what it means to be ageless. 

Whenever she steps out, she is met with admiration from others who show gratitude to her for embracing her natural hair. They also believe she has broken the stigma that surrounds gray hair.