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Loni Love Criticized after OJ Simpson Twitter Joke Falls Flat

Ra'eesah Manack
Jun 22, 2019
05:41 A.M.
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OJ Simpson joined Twitter earlier this week. In response, Loni Love tweeted out a joke about him that didn't quite get the reaction she expected.


Former NFL star, whose reputation took a massive knock after his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson was killed, recently decided to start a Twitter account. According to him, the account will “set the record straight” on rumors related to him.

However, the account has become the source of comedy for many. However, not all the jokes were received warmly.


Loni Love, co-host of "The Real," found herself on the receiving end of criticism for her joke about OJ's twitter account. She tweeted:

"So OJ is on Twitter... he decided to take a stab at it... don’t @ me."


Twitter users immediately called her out for her play on words. Many felt she was being insensitive and the joke fell flat.

"That’s insensitive Loni," said one user. Another added, "You should take this down it’s very insensitive."


Even though she has been getting massive backlash for her tweet, Loni has not deleted the tweet nor has she responded to the criticism. However, not everyone felt the tweet was disrespectful. 

One user tweeted, "I get the joke. But people it's A JOKE it either lands or it doesn't. No need to cancel a sister about it. TONS of other comedians make similar jokes but I don't see them getting canceled. I'm just saying this whole canceling thing needs to be CANCELED. PERIOD!"


Another said, "Why are people even catching feels about this? I think Loni is being sarcastic at OJ's expense. I'm surprised people don't see that."

However, the reason many found the joke inappropriate was because Simpson had been accused of stabbing Nicole to death. Their marriage was reportedly abusive and rumors that Simpson remained abusive toward Nicole after their divorce led to the murder allegations.

Simpson was eventually acquitted of the murder charges brought against him. He was sentenced to prison in 2008 for a different incident on robbery and kidnapping charges. He was released in 2017.