Connor Jessup of 'American Crime' Fame Comes out as Gay

Notable for his appearance on the television drama, "American Crime," the Canadian born actor, Connor Jessup recently revealed the truth about his sexual dispensation.

After much hiding and bottling, the young chap thought it was high time to come public with his sexuality.

Jessup is doing good at speaking up, as he posted a throwback picture of himself on his Instagram, followed by a wide range of words describing how he'd battled accepting his self.  The "TNT's Falling Skies" star wrote about the kind of family he came from, and how he had a problem with conformity.

He explained that he knew he was gay at an early age but was too scared of what the public may think. He termed the feeling "shame". He wrote:

"I knew I was gay when I was thirteen, but I hid it for years. I folded it and slipped it under the rest of my emotional clutter. Not worth the hassle, no one will care anyway. If I can just keep making it smaller, smaller, smaller. My shame took the form of a shrug, but it was a shame. I am a white, cis man from an upper-middle-class liberal family. Acceptance was never a question. But still suspended in all these privileges, I baulked."

The 25-year-old actor continued to share the details of his personal life. He acknowledged to hiding and trying to suppress the feeling of coming out with his sexuality, by sheltering under the roles he played. According to him:

"I have conspicuously not said it before, I've been out for years in my private life, but never quite publicly. Most painfully, I've talked about the gay characters I've played from a neutral, almost anthropological distance as if they were separate from me. These evasions are bizarre and almost embarrassing for me now, but at the time, they were natural."

The youngster boldly claims the pretension is tiresome, and that he doesn't want to have to watch how he acts in the bid of hiding his true self! In his words:

"For me, this discretion has become airless. I don't want to censor consciously or not, the ways I talk, sit, laugh or dress, the stories I tell, the jokes I make, my point of reference and connection...I value more every day the people, movies, books, that open me to it."

It's a good thing he found peace in acceptance, and he continues to soar even higher in his career. The "Closet Monster" star is set to feature on Netflix's very own, "Locke and Key." Aside from the declaration, he wrote about how much he loves and uphold the LGBTQ community. It read:

"If you're gay, bi, trans, two-spirit or questioning if you're confused if you're in pain or you feel alone, if you aren't or you don't, you make the world more surprising and bearable."

The TV star is confident more than ever with this revelation, and happily posts that he is grateful to be gay!

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