Man Roasted for Not Wanting Daughters at His Sister’s Wedding Because of Her Sexuality

Olowokandi Fiyin
Jun 25, 2019
07:53 P.M.
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An anonymous Reddit user is facing heavy criticism for not wanting his daughters in his sister's wedding because of her sexuality. Many believe he is being biased to the LGBTQ+ community.


Despite the evolution of gender norms and sexuality, some people are still not buying into, and this Redditor is one.

Reddit user, bigbrotherthrowaway6, explained in a post that he is a Christian father to three little girls. He is also a brother to "a pretty awesome little sister."


His sister is getting married to a woman and wants the whole family involved in the wedding, but he doesn't want to have the conversation about homosexuality with his daughters, whom he has raised Christian.

In his post, he writes:

"My sister dated men throughout her teenage years and I'd always assumed that's how it'd stay. However, she is now engaged to be married to a woman."


He says his soon-to-be sister-in-law is a cool person, and his family enjoys her company. However, he has not told his kids that she is dating their aunt, and he wants to keep it that way.

His dilemma started when his sister came to him, as soon as the wedding planning had begun, to invite his wife and him to the wedding party, and to also request that their oldest daughter be her bridesmaid with the two younger ones as flower girls.


He writes:

"Here is my dilemma... I have a very Christian family. My wife and I take our girls to church every Sunday, and to me, homosexuality isn't in God's word. I feel that having my daughters go to church and then be a part of a gay wedding is only going to create confusion and questions for them. I have yet to discuss this with my wife. It's not that I intended for any of our family to miss my sister's wedding, but I hadn't even thought that far up until she told me she wants us to be a part of it."

His mother is against the wedding happening at all, and she is hoping her daughter won't go through with the wedding.


He claims he also struggles with the thought of having his girls babysat on that day, because his daughters adore their aunt, and he would not like to break his sister's heart by declining her offer.


He ended the post asking other Reddit users whether it is okay to tell his sister that he doesn't want the trouble of small kids at her wedding even though it's a lie?

Many fans seemed to think he was a bad person for having such bias towards the LGBTQ+ community. Below are some of their comments.


In a similar story, another Reddit User, ertunu, is asking other Redditors if he is an asshole for requesting that his brother should not bring his husband to his wedding because of his fiancé's homophobic family.


His fiancé comes from a very conservative and religious background. And although she has grown away from such beliefs, her parents are still very homophobic and delight in saying horrible things about the LGBTQ+ community.


To avoid the drama that may ensue from having his older brother and his husband (who have been married for three years), and his homophobic in-laws together, he is deciding not to invite his brother-in-law to the wedding.

"The drama if they attend together has the potential to get out of hand, and that is something I don't want to have to deal with on my wedding day. My fiancé also agrees with me on this, he wrote."

He continued:

"We can't not invite her parents, and we can't not invite my brother, so we felt our only option was to not invite his husband."


What piece of advice would you have for both Redditors?