California Mom's Sarcastic Response to Teens' Toilet Paper Prank Goes Viral

Claudine Varela
Jun 26, 2019
07:08 A.M.

A California mom earned raves from social media fans who applauded her reaction to a prank. Her witty response to her home being toilet papered by a bunch of kids is worth its viral reception.


Aubrey Dupree Seymour is one victim of a neighborhood prank who knows how to get to those who wronged her. Instead of getting angry as most mothers would normally do, she took the high road and responded with wit and humor.



On June 14, Audrey shared a photo of her messed up the front yard. It was vandalized with toilet paper scattered all over the place. Audrey’s first reaction was not to be upset. She knew better. She took to her San Clemente Life Facebook group and shared a photo of her yard along with a sarcastic caption.

“To the kids that TP’d our house last night, I have a few choice words for you...AMAZING job,” Audrey wrote. “you have given me faith that there are still youths that choose to go ABOVE and BEYOND. One day I believe you will change the world with your DETERMINATION to be the best.”


"This is the best sign of affection. Your post made it to Georgia. Thanks for the good laugh,”



Audrey’s post earned hundreds of thousands of likes and shares as she showed the world how to turn an unfortunate situation into a positive one. Many commended her for treating the prank as “kids just being kids” and not letting it get the better of her.

“I love your response. Now you know,…..Your home will only get TPd if you or your children are truly loved by others. This is the best sign of affection. Your post made it to Georgia. Thanks for the good laugh,” one admirer wrote on her comments section.

“Your awesome outlook on the situation is clearly going viral, way to be an awesome person and spread your positivity around!” said a person from Arizona.



Speaking to Fox 11 after she gained popularity due to her post, Audrey said it was her first instinct not to be upset because she knew the prank was all in the spirit of fun and childhood.

In fact, Audrey challenged the children with a playful threat of her own when she wrote at the end of her post,


“I do have you on my ring and when I find out who you are...game on my friend, we too have a Costco size supply of TP.”

“They are wonderful boys that have known my son since elementary school, but don’t think we won’t be getting them back.”


Audrey, who knows the boys responsible for the prank, believes they used up at least 72 rolls of toilet paper on her yard. Her post’s hashtag #kidsjustwannahavefun says a lot about the way she handled the situation. She told Fox, “They are wonderful boys that have known my son since elementary school, but don’t think we won’t be getting them back.”

And just so her own kids learned a lesson from this experience too, she asked them to help her clean up their yard and documented it with the caption, “child labor.”



The boys who pranked Aubrey are lucky they got away with their stunt. This wasn’t the case with a 12-year-old boy who pulled a prank on his own mother.

Tylen Ellis was with his mother, Talisha Alexander shopping at Walmart when he decided to scare her by coming up to her from behind wearing a Chewbacca mask. Though Talisha’s shocked reaction and scream were as expected, Tylen didn’t expect what came next, her fist making contact with his face.

The punching incident caught on video made for a hilarious viral clip that made the mother and son famous.

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