Pamela Anderson and World Cup-Winning Boyfriend Adil Rami Have Split Up

The actress has shared a black and white photo on her Instagram with a sad and strong statement where she ends her two-year relationship with the football player from Marseille.

Pamela, 51, and Adil 32, met in 2017 and she moved to Marseille to be with him,.However, the publication says she has discovered that during the last two years of her life their relationship has been a ‘big lie’.

After sharing her dramatic statements, she alleges that among other things besides Adil's infidelity, during all this time she has lived under psychological pressure and even physical abuse.

She explained that the insecurity and distrust of her partner made him ask her to always go out only with him, to publish photos only with him at his side and when she wasn't with him, he asked her to send him videos of the place where she was.

The couple had been separated already in other opportunities, she even speaks of almost ten occasions in which she finished the relationship with him but always returned. Now, she says that she has the perfect reason because she is not willing to forgive his infidelity.

Pamela also explains in her post that Adil used to talk about players who had lovers near their wives' house, and he called them monsters. Now, who qualifies as a monster is him because the shattered actress has called him just the same.

She says she suffered his mistreatment, that he blackmailed her with their engagement and wedding, which has even led her away from friends, family, and people that he just didn’t like. Sources close to the actress have confirmed it.

The blonde former lifeguard has been living a whole nightmare. Apparently, Ramy was interested in maintaining the relationship with Pamela because the women's rights activist image was very convenient for him.

Pamela also said that she was happy to have spoken with Ramy's ex because he has been lying to her too, the girl is shocked and very sad.

Adil, on the other hand, has tried to return with Pamela, has sent flowers to her and he appeared in her apartment but he had to be evicted for security, says the actress. She feels scared of him and has bodyguards to protect her from him.

This whole situation has been very sad indeed, because just a few days ago the couple was seen together and very happy in Malibu, California. Ramy's statements are still expected in his regard. For her part, the Canadian and American actress also said that she's leaving France immediately.

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