Daily Joke: Three Old Timers Are Talking about Their Most Exciting Experiences

Listening to older men trying to one-up each other with their stories is always a fun thing to do at family get-togethers. From who wrestled a bear singlehandedly back in the day to who landed a great white shark on their dinky old fishing boat, the stories get wilder and wilder.

The following fictitious story is a prime example. Enjoy.

Three old timers were relating their most exciting experiences in their youth.

The first, a retired sheriff, described in great detail the terrifying excitement of a shoot-out with the legendary duo Bonnie and Clyde back in his younger days.

The other gentlemen nodded and agreed that, indeed, that would have been terribly exciting and they wish they had witnessed it.

The second old man, a retired fireman, related the tale of a huge fire at the university several years back.

Firemen fighting a blaze. | Source: Pixabay

Firemen fighting a blaze. | Source: Pixabay

There were some serious flames, to be sure, and fire trucks from several areas' fire departments had to be called to help combat the fire.

But the most exciting part was the screaming naked coeds jumping from their dorm windows straight into his arms.

The other gentlemen agreed that, although the university burning down was a terrible tragedy to the whole town, it had to be a very exciting time.

The third guy, a retired undertaker, couldn't think how he might compete with the other two who led such obviously exciting lives.

He worked in a basement most of his life, but he started his story anyway, “One night, I got a call to pick up a dead body in a hotel room."

He paused.

Man opening a hotel room door. | Source: Pixabay

Man opening a hotel room door. | Source: Pixabay

"When I got there, the guy was covered with a sheet but he had a huge erection. I knew that there was no way I could get him through the lobby like that. So I found an old broom and whacked that erection just as hard as I could to make it go down.”

Both men winced at the thought, and then the retired fireman asked, “So, how was that exciting?”

The undertaker answered,

“Well, you see, first of all, I was in the wrong hotel room.”

Ouch! Did you laugh at this funny story? Share it with your friends while you recount your most exciting day at work. 

And while we're discussing the most exciting day at work, a rancher never thought his simple intention to plug a wasp nest would set into motion one of the most devastating and tragic wildfires in California.

Glenn Kile, a former heavy equipment operator, began hammering a metal stake in his backyard to snuff out a pesky wasp nest.

His actions sent sparks flying towards dry grass stalks which quickly caught fire. The flames spread instantaneously.

The fire that occurred in the fall of 2018 tore through 410,203 acres of wild lands, destroyed more than 150 homes, and killed more than 80 people, including a firefighter.

While Kile was judged responsible for the fire, he was found to have not been negligent.

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