July 15, 2019

Single Dad Sparks Heated Debate for Wanting to Split His Will 90/10 Favoring His Daughter

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A single parent of two children, an 18-year-old daughter, and a 16-year-old son shares his decision concerning his will drafting and gets series of comments from online users.

The Reddit site provides an avenue for individuals to post about their life situations. Recently, a single dad has come out to air his concern about his recalcitrant son, and how he intends to divide his will between his kids.

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The father of two explained his grief in details. After the loss of his wife and child three years ago, he has been saddled with the responsibility of caring for his offsprings. He shared that he often thinks about death and that he will love to make his children financially secure.

The 44-year-old claimed that his two children emit different characters, while his daughter has her head screwed on tight, his 16-year-old son does nothing but cause trouble and makes a mockery of his parenting.

He maintains that he is unhappy about his son's behaviour but doesn't see him changing, as most individuals form most of their characters from this stage.


According to his message, the teenager has committed an array of offences that has fueled his desire to cut him 10% of his will, while he gives his daughter 90%.

Here are a few things my son has done or has been a part of that cements my idea: got two girls pregnant, both were terminated. Has been expelled from one high school and has to put in another in a further district. Has already been involved with the police for driving without a license, driving inebriated and felonious assault(knife)."



The dad also claimed that the percentage of the share which he plans on setting aside for his son would be able to pay rent. He stated that it could be changed. If his son improves but knows that it is nearly unlikely to happen.

Although he opened up about his distaste for the boy and on how he'd rather pick his daughter who's about to become a university graduate, this bias stirred a lot of opinions from people. An online user berated the father's decision to turn his back his son rather than hope for a change or help him out. 

Another user explained how his will-division could cause hatred to brew between both siblings. While another comment from a twin hinted that different people have different characters, even twins!



According to a Forbes publication, this type of decision comes with aging parents who are ready to will off their estates. Most often, they juxtapose the ideas of giving more or favoring a more successful child. It is crucial, however, to state reasons for any decision taken concerning the estate sharing in family meetings to curb resentment or hatred in the future.

During these meetings, an attorney should be involved, with every detail recorded. This also helps to clear the air for kids who feel entitled to their parent's wealth.

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The father of two might as well take some of the advice from the comment section to help with his unequal distribution between his kids.