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July 18, 2019

Niké's Colin Kaepernick-Starring Commercial Received an Emmy Nomination

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Former NFL star, Colin Kaepernick's endorsement deal with Nike has earned him a nomination for an Emmy Award.

The sports star was first in the news three years ago after his refusal to participate as the national anthem was sung, in the course of a football match.


Years after, Collin is back in the media world after he starred in Nike's "120 seconds" commercial termed "Dream Crazy." The advertisement was done last year in September and is likely to bag an award after securing an honorary position.

Other companies like Apple and Netflix equally have a spot on the awards list; their advertisements are up against that of Nike's.


Nike confirmed their partnership with the 31-year-old during its "Just do it" campaign to mark the company's 30th anniversary.

In the advertisement, Colin charged every individual to give nothing but their best as they aim to reach beyond the stars.


The ad featured skilled and amateur sports stars, including Serena William, Lebron James, and Shaquem Alphonso Griffin. Words like "believe in something, even if means sacrificing everything," were the theme of the commercial.

The video amassed lots of mixed reviews from critics and fans of the company and also that of the sportsman. Some people disliked the fact that Colin was involved in the campaign and threatened to halt their involvement with Nike. The commercial, however, influenced the company's sale's growth over 30%.


The ex-San Francisco Niner terminated his contract with the team following his attitude in the course of a game in March 2017.

Colin refused to stand while the national anthem played in a football game, he opted to kneel to show his displeasure concerning racial prejudice and police injustice.

He charged his former sports team to court but later resolved the situation with an out of court settlement. The same agreement was reached with an old teammate, 27-year-old Eric Reid who also filed a lawsuit against the team.


The Street Journal reported that the former NFL star had issues with the recent design which the company came up with. Colin felt that the "Betsy Ross" design seemed racist due to its connection with the slavery era.

The 31-year-old was not just a sports champ, but an inspiration to some. Megan Rapinoe (the co-captain of the American women's football team ) recently pulled the "anthem stunt"  by refusing to participate in singing the anthem.


The women's match was between America and Thailand, and while Megan's teammates sang with their hands on their chest, she stayed mute.

Her behaviour caused a debate online, as some thought, she stood with Colin and applauded her move. Others, however, condemned her act.

The football star proved her stand by explaining that the brutality and racism suffered in America influenced her decision.

Colin's stand has remained unshaken even with the critics and the fact that he lost his sports team, but the Emmy Award nomination may just be a little compensation for it all.