Daily Joke: Man Goes on a Blind Date, But Everything Goes Wrong

A man goes on a blind date but little did he know that his ‘foolproof’ plan would backfire in the most hilarious way. 

Blind dates are full of mystery--will you meet the love of your life? Will you end up never dating again?

The possibilities are endless.

Despite the uncertainty factor, some friends stop at nothing to get you into a relationship.

A group of friends. | Source: Pexels

A group of friends. | Source: Pexels

A man’s friend set him up for a blind date with another friend of his. Of course, the man was worried about going out with someone he had never met or seen before. 

The thing that bothered him the most was her appearance. So he asked his friend, “What if she's ugly? I don't want to get stuck with her for the rest of the night if she looks awful.”

His friend came up with an ingenious plan. 

“You'll have to pick her up, so just go meet her at her place and take a look for yourself," he said.

Two friends talking. | Source: Pexels

Two friends talking. | Source: Pexels

"If you like her, all is well, but in case you don't, just scream and fake an asthma attack.” 

On the night of the date, he knocked on the girl’s door.  A beautiful girl appeared in the doorway and the guy liked her instantly.

A shocked woman. | Source: Pixabay

A shocked woman. | Source: Pixabay

Before he could say anything, the girl screamed, "I’m having an asthma attack!”

Source: Startsat60

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