'Jamie Foxx Show's Ellia 'Aunt Hellen' English Looks Great at 59 & Is Still Acting

“The Jamie Foxx Show” star, who played the role of Aunt Hellen in the sitcom is now older and even more beautiful than her younger days. At 59, the actress and singer still looks as great as ever and is making waves in the entertainment industry.

Any TV drama lover of the late ‘90s would be familiar with the no-nonsense aunt of Jamie King in “The Jamie Foxx Show,” played by Ellia English.

The American Film actress was a wonder as she aced her role as the co-owner of King’s Tower Hotel, alongside her husband, Uncle Junior King, played by Garret Morris.


Although the 59-year-old is known majorly for her part in Jamie’s series, she has featured in many other roles which have boosted her career.

She starred in some outstanding TV series like, “Good Luck Charlie,” where she took the part of Mary Lou, “The Innocent” as Reverend Poppy, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as Auntie Rae, and in the CBS medical drama, “Code Black” where she starred as Nurse Isabel until last year.

The star also won the 2009 Best Actress Award for her role in the movie, “Cornered.”


The singer, and author of the book, “I am That I Am” is still an epitome of youth after her almost six decades on earth; this is evident in her series of social media pictures.

In one of her posts on Instagram, the author was pictured holding a radio cassette, with a charming smile on her face. Below the image, she wrote an epic throwback statement to her early years as a singing “fledgling” in New York City.

But undoubtedly, her voice still holds the same mindblowing effect as it did in her youthful years, just like her dazzling beauty, complemented by a fantastic figure.

The actress has so much passion for what she does that it would seem at first glance that her world was centered around her entertainment career, including her chosen look.

English once revealed that her figure was as a result of a deliberate attempt to add on some weight to audition for the role of Heavyset Gloria in, “Waiting To Exhale.”

She admitted that she never got the role, but her added 70-pounds at the time won her a place on “Jamie Foxx Show,” which was the break she needed to skyrocket her into a world of fame. 

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