August 05, 2019

Woman's Dilemma as She Doesn't Want to Adopt Her Deceased Sister's Kids

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A woman asked the internet if she can be considered horrible because she doesn't want to adopt her deceased sister's children.

Seeking advice from fellow users of the online forum, Reddit user Amithea111 explained that her sister, who passed away from overdose, had two kids — two and five — with unknown father.

The woman added that she's the closest family since one of their parents is in prison and the other is already dead. That is the reason she is expected to be the children's legal guardian.

Concrete tombstones | Photo: Pexels


The problem was, she didn't want kids. She wrote:

"I dont want them to have any more trauma than they do already but I had never wanted kids. I am not good with nor like kids."

The woman added, "my cousin, who has kids of his own, proposed to take the guardianship instead (his wife is in board). I support that. That would give them both a father figure, other kids to play with, loving family."

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However, she felt like an awful individual. According to her, she would not feel so horrible if it was a strictly practical solution.

"But I genuinely dont want them," she wrote. "For a moment I was horrified I would be forced to take them. My sister died and I dont even have the decency to want to take care of her kids."

Since the woman shared her post, it has amassed quite a bit of attention. Additionally, it has received a lot of remarks as people reveal their opinions.

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One user wrote, "The kids get a loving home in your family and don't have to go into the foster system. There is nothing horrible about you and your decision."

"I think you made the right choice with giving the kids to your cousins, if looking after them is something you don't want to do then you don't have to," added another. "Your life your choice, I'm sorry to hear about your sister though, best wishes."

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"It sounds like you're smart enough to know that someone else is a better choice," another user commented.

Someone else wrote that the children need a loving stable family, so on the off chance that she can't give them that, then it's better to allow them to go to her cousin.