Jennifer Arnold Shares Cute Photos of Her Children, but Some People Call Zoey and Will ‘Rude’

The brand new season of "The Little Couple" premiered on Tuesday, but some fans did not appreciate what they saw on TV, especially when it comes to the children.

According to some fans, they couldn't stand watching the show for more than five minutes because they considered Will and Zoey Klein to be rude.

The unhappy viewers took to Jennifer Arnold's official Instagram page to complain about her children's behavior and called her out on the way they carry themselves.


The critics used a photo of Zoey at Camp Korey, a camp for children and families living with serious medical conditions, to express their thoughts and feelings on the subject.

One user described Will and Zoey as being smug, adding that he couldn't imagine being around them for more than five minutes. Not only that, but he also said that he couldn't stand listening to Bill Klein talk.

Photo: Instagram/jenarnoldmd

Photo: Instagram/jenarnoldmd


However, there were fans who rushed in to defend the TLC stars, bashing the haters and telling them that they are the rude ones since the siblings are simply being children.

A fan even claimed that Will and Zoey are very well behaved considering all the attention they get, not all only from their loving parents but also the cameras.

Photo: Instagram/jenarnoldmd

Photo: Instagram/jenarnoldmd


Recently, viewers also praised Will for how mature he looked in a photo shared by his mother during a trip to India, where they had the opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal.

One user described Will and Zoey as being smug, adding that he couldn't imagine being around them for more than five minutes

A fan couldn't help herself and left a nice comment under the snap:

"Oh my goodness, he's looking so much more mature now. His baby face is gone. I'm sure he's happy but mom is sad. Your kids are beautiful, just like the two of you."

In the picture, which was taken with the stunning mausoleum in the background, the nine-year-old appears to be leaning against a stone panel with a stern look on his face.

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