Brenda Stearns Shares Candid Photo of Her Belly after Giving Birth to 5 Kids

Meet Brenda Stearns, mother of five who is not afraid to show off her midriff. Brenda Stearns is an entrepreneur, a content creator, and a proud mother to five beautiful children.

Recently, Stearns boldly took to her Instagram page to post a picture which prompted lots of reactions from her fans and followers. The post was a close up picture of Stearns’s belly in all it’s wrinkled glory.

In a world where such a body would be shamed and hidden, Stearns boldly defies the odds, letting everyone know that she thinks of herself as beautiful.

Her lengthy caption voiced out the insecurities many women face after childbirth.

“Abs and flat tummies are great! ...but have you ever considered that your body literally rearranged its organs to bring another life into the world?? So yeah! ⚡️ Your stretched out, scarred, jiggly tummy is pretty impressive too!” Stearns wrote. 

This image is the most recent in a long line of posts Stearns has on her Instagram page. While there are a few negative comments about the state of her belly, they are quickly drowned out by the numerous positive comments from women who have joined the revolution Stearns single-handedly spearheaded.

“Your posts are amazing,” a fan commented


“5 in i own this belly out proud they carried 5 amazing gifts to which I’m blessed !” another wrote.

Stearns was not always this proud of how she looked. In the past, she reportedly suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her fifth child.

The depression initially set in the third month after her 5th delivery, and her body refused to return to her “pre-baby shape.” According to Brightside, this prompted her to feel uncomfortable in her skin and led to unhappiness.

This kept up until she decided to face reality and forget the depressive emotions she was dealing with. The decision would later make her role model to other women struggling with similar symptoms.

“The reality is that my body is strong and beautiful...and so is yours,” Brenda posted at the time.

After Stearns faced her truth by accepting her body as it was, it became a more manageable task, one she sought to share with the world. Now she has garnered more than 30,000 followers on the gram who are anxious to be motivated by her story.

When asked what inspires her, Stearns mentions a bible verse she tags her favorite, her children, and her loving husband. “His constant support and admiration fuel my soul to no end,” she stated.

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