August 19, 2019

Watch Ciara & Russell Wilson's Daughter Look Cute While Drinking Hot Chocolate in Nike Hoodie

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Russel Wilson shared a cute video of his daughter, Siena Russel, having the time of her life as she enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate while dressed in her Nike hoodie.


In a new Instagram video shared by Russel Wilson, husband to Singer, Ciara, their daughter, Siena could be seen sipping a cup of hot chocolate.


The 2-year-old was dressed in a white Nike hoodie. A woman's voice was heard in the clip's background asking the toddler what she got in her cup. Siena's reply was sweet, as she said: "I got hot chocolate," before taking another mouthful of her treat.

The adorable baby Sisi, showed her generosity as she offered the cup to the woman behind the camera. "One for you," she said while holding up the cup.


The video, which was also shared via TheShadeRoom's Instagram account was captioned:

"Hot Chocolate, Nike Hoodies, & All smiles. Baby Sisi @Ciara."


Fans can't stop gushing about her cuteness as they took to the comment section to express their bewilderment over the little girl's sweetness.


"I can't, she is one of the cutest and sweetest and prettiest babygirls ever. Love you Sisi," one fan wrote.

"Omg… I cannot take the cuteness," another commented.



This is not the first time the tot's cuteness would be sung about on social media. The "Level Up" singer once shared a video of Baby Sisi, singing a remake of her mom's "Thinking Bout You" video. The 33-year-old captioned it with the words:

"Baby Sisi showed mommy how making a video is done?"

Fans were swept away by the babygirls performance, earning her a worthy contender for the cutest celebrity kids' crown.


Another of the little girl's videos which won the public over was of her playing with makeup. During the Beautycon Festival in LA, the star admitted that her 2-year-old is obsessed with makeup and beauty products, in an interview with ET.

"She's Silly," the singer said about her daughter. "She's like I want my wip woss."

This comes after the mother of two announced the upcoming launch of her beauty brand, Beauty Marks, which she named after her seventh studio album. Clearly, Baby Sisi takes after her mom.