'Barney Miller:' Cast of This Legendary Series Then and Now

The series runs almost entirely inside the detective squad room and Captain Barney Miller's office in the 12th (fictional) Precinct, Greenwich Village, New York, where detectives carried suspects or whistleblowers developing two or three sub-plots

The focus of the show was mainly the interaction with each other of the characters and with the witnesses or suspects who were taken to the police station for questioning. Some conflicts included Miller's frustration with bureaucracy and paperwork, his constant efforts to maintain peace, order and discipline, and his failed attempts to obtain a promotion.

The program was broadcast from January 23, 1975 to May 20, 1982, with Miller as the protagonist, two detectives as principal and the rest of the cast for several seasons. Additionally, the series was characterized by having special guests such as Tod Bridges, James Cromwell, Marla Gibbs, Christopher Lloyd, Charlotte Rae and Quinnie Smith among others.


Captain Miller is the sensible voice of the police station, maintains order while dealing with the multiple problems, paperwork, budget cuts and the characters of his subordinates. Hal Linden developed a strong career in theater before playing Captain Miller, receiving a Tony Award for his portrayal of Mayer Rothschild in the musical "The Rothschilds."

Hal Linden l Getty Images

Hal Linden l Getty Images

Linden also received seven Emmy awards and two Golden Globe for his work on "Barney Miller" and three special Emmy awards for his subsequent work. After the series he worked on “I Do! I Do! ”,“ My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn ”,“ Blacke's Magic ”,“ Jack's Place ”,“ Schoolbreak Special ”He continued his career by appearing in“ Touched by an Angel ”,“ The King of Queens, ” Gilmore Girls, ” Law & Order: Criminal Intent, ”and“ Hot in Cleveland. ”


Wojo is in many ways the conscience of his station mates, which reminds them of what is right. Max Gail not only plays the right detective Wokciehowicz in "Barney Miller" but also directed many of his episodes as Maxwell Gail.

Max Gail l Getty Images

Max Gail l Getty Images

Gail appears in several TV series such as "Walker, Texas Ranger (ep. Whitewater)", "Cannon", "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman ”, “Due South”, “The Streets of San Francisco”, “The Drew Carey Show”, “Hawaii Five-0”, “Quantum Leap ”, “Psych”, “Longmire ”, “Gary Unmarried”, "NCIS", "Scorpion" and "Mad Men".


Harris is a criminologist concerned with his attire and becoming a writer, of expensive tastes, who lives beyond his economic possibilities. The versatile African-American actor Ron Glass had played several roles on TV when he took the role of Harris.

Ron Glass I Image: Getty Images

Ron Glass I Image: Getty Images

Also known for his role as Pastor Derrial Book in the science fiction series "Firefly" his movie "Serenity", after the series participated in “The Odd Couple”, “The New Odd Couple”, “Twilight Zone series”, “Rhythm and Blues”, “Mr. Rhodes”, “Friends”, “Family Matters” and “Teen Angel”. Glass died of a respiratory failure in 2016 at age 71.


The philosophical sergeant Yemana is very proud of his American heritage and boasts of it, although his coffee generates disagreement among his comrades in the police station. Jack Soo (real name Goro Suzuki), was a Japanese-American actor who began his career at the end of World War II, as a nightclub artist, making his name in the Midwest of the United States.

Jack Soo l Getty Images

Jack Soo l Getty Images

After interpreting various roles in the entertainment industry, he won the role he is most remembered for and who turned out to be the last in his career, such as Sergeant Yemana. Unfortunately during the fourth season of "Barney Miller," Soo was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and died on January 1979.


Abraham Charles "Abe" Vigoda was easy to recognize for his tall stature, hunched shoulders and a grim expression on his face which allowed him to be the perfect actor both in dramatic roles and in witty roles with comic moments. Vigoda had a long path in both film and television.

Abe Vigoda I Image: Getty Images

Abe Vigoda I Image: Getty Images

Abe received notoriety for his role as Salvatore Tessio in "The Godfather" and for his role as Sergeant Phil Fish in "Barney Miller", to the point of having his own series "Fish" for a couple of seasons. His performances include "Joe Versus The Vulcano" and series like "B.J. and the Bear”, “Superboy”, “MacGiver ”and “ Law & Order ”. After several mistakes for years announcing his death, Abe Vigoda died while he slept in 2016.


Dietrich is a calm and imperturbable detective and apparently with infinite knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Landesberg, known for his dry wit and expressionless face interpreted it fully, being nominated for this role three times to the Emmy Award.

Steve Landesberg I Image: Getty Images

Steve Landesberg I Image: Getty Images

Steve Landesberg participated after "Barney Miller" in different TV shows with special appearances, including "The Tonight Show", "The Rockford Files", "Law & Order", "Saturday Night Live", "The Golden Girls", "Ghost Whisperer ”,“ That '70s Show ”and“ Everybody Hates Chris ”. Diagnosed with colon cancer, Landesberg died in 2010 at age 74.


“Chano” Amenguale loves his job as a detective that when he gets nervous because things are going wrong, he releases his tension by releasing quick phrases in Spanish. Gregory Sierra is a descendant of Puerto Ricans and in addition to his role in "Barney Miller," he is known for his role in "Stanford & Son."

He has participated in several TV series including: "Mod Squad", "Kung Fu", "Alias Smith and Jones", "Mission: Impossible (3 episodes)", "Hawaii Five-O", "Gunsmoke", "The Greatest American Hero "," Soap "," Midnight Caller "," Miami Vice "," The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air "," The X-Files "," Murder, She Wrote "," Hart to Hart "and" Hill Street Blues. "


Inspector Luger is the wandering and nostalgic superior of Captain Miller, who every so often appears by the precinct to talk with him. Renowned actor James Gregory had a deep and deep voice that allowed him to represent this old-school policeman.

Gregory worked in film in several productions interpreting sassy and bold characters in "The Manchurian Candidate" and "Beneath the Planet of the Apes". After his role in "Berney Miller," his last work was in "Mr. Belvedere". James Gregory died in 2002 from natural causes, at age 90.

Actors Steve Landesberg and Ron Carey first appeared as defendants in the series before playing the roles of Dietrich and Levitt, respectively. As a tribute to his participation, when Jack Soo died during season 5, an episode was not written because his teammates dedicated themselves to remembering moments lived with him during the show, something very emotional and intense.

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