'Dance Moms' Producers Finally Shared Lilliana Ketchman's Unaired Award-Winning Solo for Season 8

Creators of the Lifetime show "Dance Moms" decided to put out a hidden content which displayed Liliana Ketchman's dance prowess.

After falling prey to the continuous clamour of fans and dissatisfaction from the show's dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, and the excellent young dancer, Liliana, "Dance Moms" producers have successfully uploaded the edited dance video.

The public became aware of the omission after the dance instructor's post on social media. Abby took to her Instagram to pour out her frustrations on the show's decision to pitch an uninteresting drama over ALDC and Studio 19.

Especially since she took her time to engage in the dance routine. It was due to her tutoring that the young dancer performed exquisitely well. In her words:

"When we all work so hard on a Spectacular routine that wins the whole damn competition and they don't air it!!! Grrrr. They'd rather give the airtime to a demented psycho."

The network finally gave in to the pressure and uploaded a YouTube post featuring Liliana's groundbreaking performance. The "Dance Mom's" star adorned an all-black attire, a dark-coloured shade of makeup, and had her hair firmly packed.

Giving her best to the rendition of "The Black Widow" character earned her more love and admiration from fans. The thrilled fans commended Lilliana's dance steps delivery. Some fans berated the network and jokingly sued them, while others advocated for more dance and less drama on the show.

Abby also starred in a 240 minutes clip. In the film, she acted conversely to her character on air. While she mostly screams corrections to her students onscreen, behind the camera, she cautiously selects dance steps and appears nicer.

This is not the first time the viewers will be hearing about the dance instructor's "better side." Five years ago, Rebecka Schumann, a reporter stated that Abby could relate with a pleasant attitude. According to Rebecka:

"While I originally brushed off her polite words to the other competition guests as phony, her kindness never faltered."

Apart from her debatable personality, Abby's passion for her field allows her to wait behind and watch other competitors dance steps. It may be that she is seemingly enthused by dance or she wants to recruit new dancers.

Whatever the answer may be, the "Dance Mom's" star's credibility is topnotch. She has produced one of the best dancers, Maddie Zigler during the seven episodes of the show. Maddie has starred in a couple of Sia's videos

Furthermore, the young talent opened up about things that happen behind closed doors among the moms. She said most of the fights were staged and that the producers usually put the set up for it.

Whether or not these dramas are staged, it is undeniable that these talents are real and eye-catching. It should not be left out of the public eye, no matter the circumstances.

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