Daily Joke: A New Pastor Was Visiting the Homes of His Parishioners

A new pastor of a small town was visiting the homes of his parishioners. He only had one more house to visit before calling it a day.

Once he got there, there was music playing from the inside and a car was parked in the garage, so it was obvious that someone was home. However, nobody opened the door despite his many knocks.

Since the pastor was already exhausted for walking all day, he decided that keep trying was not worth it.

Before leaving, though, he knew he had to make the owner of the place know he had been there, so he took out one of his business cards, wrote “Revelation 3:20” on the back of it, and stuck it in the door.

Everything was normal during the service the following Sunday and, when the offering was over, he saw his card among the dollar bills and coins. Apart from his message, something else was written on it: “Genesis 3:10.”

The pastor was confused. He didn’t remember what “Genesis 3:10” was about, so he quickly went to the stand and, as soon as he read the passage on his Bible, he broke down in laughter.

Revelation 3:20, the message he wrote, begins: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”

Genesis 3:10, on the other hand, reads: “I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid for I was naked.”

This story is similar to the one of a young man who bought a horse from a farmer for only $250. The farmer agreed to deliver the horse the next day.

But the next day, the farmer drove up to the man’s house with a piece of disappointing news. He told the young man: “Sorry son, but I have some bad news, the horse died.”

“Well, then just give me my money back,” replied the disappointed man.

The farmer said: “Can’t do that. I spent it already.”

The young man replied: “Ok, then, just bring me the dead horse.”

 “What are you going to do with him?” the farmer asked.

The man said: “I’m going to raffle him off.”

The farmer said: “You can’t raffle off a dead horse!”

The man answered: “Sure I can. Watch me! I just won’t tell anybody he’s dead.”

A month later, the farmer met up with the man and asked: “What happened with that dead horse?”

The man said: “I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets at five dollars each and made a profit of $2,495.”

“Didn’t anyone complain?” the farmer asked.

The man answered: “Just the guy who won. So I gave him his five dollars back.”

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