Barry Williams Shares a Rare Photo of Three 'Brady Wives' Together

"The Brady Bunch" is well known for being a wholesome family television show and ran for five seasons. The show told the story of a blended family which including three sons.

In the sitcom, Mike Brady played by Robert Reed was a widowed architect. He had three sons, Greg who was played by Barry Williams, Peter played by Christopher Knight, and Bobby played by Mike Lookinland.

Now, years after the show ended, the Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland are starting their own families. All three of them are now married.

Barry is currently married to Tina Mahina. Christopher married Cara Kokenes in 2016. Lastly, Mike and Kelly Wermuth are happily married as well.

Recently, Barry Williams treated fans to a rare picture of all three "Brady" wives on Instagram. In the picture, Kelly, Cara, and Tina smiled happily at the camera.

He captioned the pic, "The Very Brady Wives are keeping it real!"

The stunning picture garnered over nine hundred likes. Fans flooded the comments section with praise for the gorgeous ladies and their lucky spouses.

One comment left on Barry Williams post | Instagram: @thebarrywilliams

One comment left on Barry Williams post | Instagram: @thebarrywilliams

Many fans wanted details on how each of the "Brady Bunch" sons met their spouses. Some wanted details on their romances too.

"They should get together and write a book on what it’s like to be married to you guys !! It would be so interesting," wrote one fan. Another added, "Would love to have been a fly on the wall when you guys all met your future wives." 

Another fan comment on Barry Williams post | Instagram: @thebarrywilliams

Another fan comment on Barry Williams post | Instagram: @thebarrywilliams

Barry married Tina in 2017  in Branson, Missouri. The star-studded event obviously included his "Brady Bunch" brothers and Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, and Susan Olsen.

Just a year earlier, Christopher and Cara tied the knot. Cara is Christopher's fourth wife. He was previously married to reality star Adrianne Curry.

Mike, on the other hand, found his true love years ago and has been happily married to Kelly since 1987.

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