LHHATL Star Lil Scrappy on Co-Parenting Issues He Has with Erica Dixon & Why He Called Her 'Basic'

Yet another bitter dispute about child support is brewing in the world of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” and this time the protagonists are Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon.

Rapper Lil Scrappy has opened up about his ex-girlfriend Erica Dixon's claims that he hasn't been paying child support for their daughter Emani.

Lil Scrappy denies her allegations and shared his side of the story, and had some harsh words to say about his ex.


Scrappy says that when Erica accuses him of not paying child support, she is lying outrageously.

According to Scrappy, he started to pay Erica $2,000 a month even before Emani was born. He is proud to take care of his daughter, he revealed.

“I respect her for being [Emani’s] mom. Now, getting money from child support but still telling everybody she not getting money, that was my whole thing. (...) I’ve been taking care of my seed since before she was born. I was giving Erica $2,000 a month before she was born. Quit lyin’,” he said.

The rapper and a friend were involved in a single-vehicle car crash that nearly cost him his life,


There is one thing that Scrappy does regret saying about Erica. As he lashed out at her in the heat of a recent interview he called her a “basic baby mama.” He explained that he meant the term in a different context, and did not mean to demean his child's mother.

“I didn’t really mean basic, you feel me? I meant the other word that go with basic: Typical,” he said.


Another sore point between the former couple is that Erica allegedly called the Police to go and fetch her daughter from Scrappy's house after the two had been on a trip together.

“We just got back from [Six Flags] White Water. I took my daughter and all her friends to White Water. (...) she like, ‘Oh no, she need to come home now! You need to bring her home now!’ I’m like, ‘Aye, I’m tired. If you want to come get her, you can come get her. She brought the police [laughs]. Who does that?” he said.


But the rapper who recently welcomed a son with wife Bambi has more important things on his mind that grudges over child support.

In June the rapper and a friend were involved in a single-vehicle car crash that nearly cost him his life,

Scrappy and his friend were rushed to a nearby Miami hospital, where they were treated in ICU. Police investigation has cleared Scrappy of all charges and ruled out drugs or alcohol as factors in the incident.

While Scrappy concentrates on improving his co-parenting relationship with Erica for the sake of Emani, the reality star is busy growing her own family.

Bambi and Scrappy have now been happily married for two years. 


Erica Dixon announced the arrival of her twin daughters Embrii and Eryss by posting a photo of their tiny faces on Instagram.

Medical complications made it necessary for the babies to prolong their stay at the hospital after their birth, although one of the twins was released a few days later.

“This little angel is home. Now we’re awaiting her sister to swiftly progress so she can join us ❤️,” Erica wrote.

Since then, the second baby has been released into her mom's care and is safe and sound with her sister.

So far, Erica Dixon has kept the identity of her daughters' father a secret.

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