Todd and Julie Chrisley: Daughter Lindsie Talks Tax Evasion Scandal on Her 'Coffee Convos' Podcast

Lindsie Chrisley has spoken up about her family's tax evasion scandal and how it has negatively affected her life. 

Lindsie Chrisley is all about telling her truth amid all the media mess her family has been soaked in.

During Thursday's episode of her "Coffee Convos Podcast," Lindsie spoke about her family's tax evasion scandal and its effect on her life, as reported by E! News.

The podcast co-host began by clearing the air that she had no involvement with her parents' financial crimes. 

She explained that during the years covered in the indictment, she was in college, and while in college, she had no contact with them. In her words:

"So a lot of the years from like early on that they covered, I was in college, so I wasn't even like living at home. And through college, I don't know if I've shared my whole story or not, but through college, I didn't talk to my parents. So I definitely like would've had no knowledge of anything."

Todd's estranged daughter also bared her heart about her father's comments about forgiving her for her contributions to the indictment, amid the tax evasion scandal. She said:

"I just really don't appreciate it. I personally don't think that the statements that were made were in good taste and people have to understand like what led me to this point."

She revealed that she was sent screenshots of photos and comments from brother Chase's Instagram page and noticed that he cropped her out of a family photo. 

While that didn't bother her, Lindsie mentioned that she was hurt the fact that her family wasn't mature enough to realize that she didn't spill any of their secrets since she left the show. 

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PART 2 to us that ultimately placed me in bankruptcy which was filed August 2012. I was numb. Was it because of Julie's diagnosis? Was it the death of my father? Or was it the betrayal of a trusted advisor? The fear of Julie dying crippled me. The death of my father placed me in shock. The notice of treachery infuriated me, What was I to do? I focused on burying my father.I continued to help Julie recover. I pushed though my bankruptcy publicly because now Chrisley Knows Best had been picked up for Season 1 in 2013. Everyone wanted to know, " who are they" and "what are they about?" People formed opinions from very little info and what info they had was 90% fiction because it sold stories. We remained steadfast in our faith and each other and continued to push forward. Chrisley Knows Best continued to resonate to millions and you all continued to watch each episode.You continued to lift us up and helped place us where we are today. You accepted us into your lives and in your homes.You accepted each of us for who we are and where we were at that time in our lives. We remained honest with you. You held us to a higher level of accountability and forced us always to remember that " to whom much is given much is required." Before all of you knew the Chrisley's, God had done all the above. He also forced us to grow through fear (Julie's cancer), through heartbreak (my dads death), through betrayal ( former advisor), through shame ( my bankruptcy), through confusion (over choices my kids have made that was outside of the way they were raised). Through daily life, which is filled with all the above; the reason for this is because God promises that he will never forsake you. The reason for this long post is to share with you how Chrisley Knows Best has changed our lives and why I always say " we are blessed". We are blessed because this show has taken our family to places we have never been. It has opened doors that would have never been opened. The most important door was the door to your homes and heart. With every blessing there always a burden. We have given up all of our privacy. There are no longer dinners with family in public without interruption, to whi

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Also, they didn't seem to care about how the indictment charges affected her reputation. The 29-year-old said:

"Let's not forget what's been done to me in the media and what has literally wrecked my life for the past two and a half weeks."

Lindsie ended by saying that she and her family have been able to move on from their drama. However, she would love to be kept out of their legal issues.

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• You are allowed to be both a masterpiece & a work in progress simultaneously • 🌼🌼🌼 💭 A N X I E T Y : intense, excessive, & persistent worry & fear about everyday situations. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a very difficult time managing it. I didn’t realize the impact it had over my life until I became fully self aware. Anxiety is terrible. You could be having an attack & no one would even know, because it’s an inward thing. It feels like you’re malfunctioning & you cannot process your own thoughts. On the inside you get a knot in your stomach & you can’t take a full breath, but outwardly you sit there & look completely normal... as long as no one tries to speak to you. The fear I hold as a mother about something happening that would prevent me from raising my child, is overwhelming. Or something happening to my child... the idea is crippling. I hope by sharing this helps someone to know that they aren’t alone 😭😭😭 Taking the next few days to enjoy time with Jackson at @greatwolflodge 🎣 ⛺️🐾 [Tune in tonight on @mtv for a special announcement on part 3 of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion 9|8c] ⭐️ If any of you have experienced or are experiencing anxiety please comment below & let me know if you’d like me to cover more on @coffeeconvospodcast👇🏻 📷:@jessicataylorstevenson

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This comes after Lindsie accused her father and brother of extorting and blackmailing her with a sex tape since 2017, shortly after the news of Todd and Julie's indictment broke out. 

As reported by PopCulture, Lindsie claimed that she had proofs of the alleged blackmailing, and took to social media to share screenshots of a Twitter exchange with her dad. 

However, Todd denied all extortion allegations in a statement to E! News. 

The "Chrisley Knows Best" star stated that the family has been trying to keep her affair with Bachelor Nation stars Robby Hayes and Josh Murray, and couldn't understand why she turned the tables.

With each passing day, the Chrisley family keep getting entangled in a web of drama! 

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