September 30, 2019

14-Year-Old DC Boy Becomes Youngest Student to Attend George Washington University Full-Time

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A 14-year-old boy makes history as the youngest student to attend George Washington University full-time; he credits his mom for his success.

One young man, Curtis Lawrence III has left many in awe after the story of his remarkable academic achievements was shared online. 

Curtis joined George Washington University as a freshman college student after completing his freshman and sophomore years at School Without Walls — a magnet high school on GWU's campus.

14-year-old Curtis Lawrence at George Washington University | Photo: YouTube/GW Hatchet Video


During his sophomore days, the young chap enrolled in the GW Early College which made him eligible to apply to GWU. 

Curtis was among the 15 sophomores who earned an associate of arts degree as well as a high school diploma from School Without Walls.

Passing all the required exams and finishing with a GPA that's above 3.0, the 14-year-old was admitted into George Washington University. 

In a YouTube video posted by GW Hatchet, Curtis Lawrence III spoke about how he was able to achieve all his academic feat.

14-year-old Curtis Lawrence at George Washington University | Photo: YouTube/GW Hatchet Video


According to the 14-year-old who is now among the new Class of 2023 at GWU, his journey to academic excellence was only possible because of the push he got from his mother. 

“My mom just always pushed education, pushed advanced academics and especially being at the elementary school in Harlem, I was surrounded by other people who were advanced, so it just felt like the norm for me,” Lawrence said.

Curtis Lawrence also stated that at the age of two, his mother who was a teacher taught him how to read and solve math questions.

14-year-old Curtis Lawrence at George Washington University | Photo: YouTube/GW Hatchet Video


He also revealed that from his first to third grade, he attended a black school for gifted kids in Harlem.

Not long after, his family moved to Texas where he skipped fourth grade and entered fifth grade at the new school he was enrolled in — Idea Carver Academy.

The gifted teenager stated that he jumped classes again and when he got to the eighth grade, his mom decided to homeschool him.

This was when he began taking college courses with the first being, an introduction to African American Studies. 


His family later moved to Washington D.C. and he was enrolled at School Without Walls. 

“I feel like I was prepared for the academics because Walls is a very rigorous high school, it’s the top high school in D.C., so a lot of the work that we did reflected the work that I’ll be doing here in college,” Lawrence said during the interview.

He, however, revealed that on the first day of lectures, many were surprised that he was a member of their class with some coming to inquire if he was lost and needed help finding his way.

Although his being in class elicited such reaction from his peers, Curtis revealed that he did not feel out of place at all.


He also stated that he has since gotten used to his fellow coursemates and they even have study groups together. 

“On the first day, it was very weird because I am the youngest student,” he said. “I went into the class, it was my first class of the day, which was math, and everyone started staring at me as I sat down.”

He is currently studying Geology, Calculus, Astronomy and University Writing. Although the young chap is still trying to figure out how to manage his time, this opportunity has made him a very independent person.