Joy-Anna Duggar of 'Counting on' & Her Family Slammed after Sharing Photos from Hunting Trip

Fans of the Duggars are clearly not happy with the family and they took to Instagram to show their displeasure after Joy-Anna shared images of the family on a hunting trip.

Over the weekend, Joy-Anna shared an image of herself, her husband, Austin Forsyth and some of her brothers on a hunting trip.

The series of image which showed parts of the landscapes of the hunting and the Duggars smiling heartily for the camera was captioned, 

"C O L O R A D O. Y’all! I got to come with the guys this year on their Elk Hunting trip! It’s freezing cold and we have already done a ton of hiking, but we’re excited cuz we’ve already spotted some elk!?? Can’t wait for opening morning! It is absolutely GORGEOUS here!"


However, the reality star's fans didn't think there was anything gorgeous about going out to kill animals. While most of their fans were happy to see the family spending time out in Colorado, other fans of the "Counting On" star chastised her with most asking why she thrives in killing animals. One fan wrote, 

"Why do you like to kill animals?I could not!"

Another fan wrote,

"It’s a love of the sport …the thrill of the kill (and yes of the skill … of killing). No amount of justification from anyone will change my mind on this most barbaric of sports. Different opinions."

Regardless of the mixed reactions, most were concerned about the weather and asked the family to be careful since the setting looked pretty cold. 


This isn't the first time Joy-Anna will be going out to hunt. Before getting married to Forsyth, the reality star loved shooting guns with her brothers, and she is usually caught going hunting and camping with them once in a while. 

However, Joy-Anna isn't always opportune to go on family trips with her family. Recently, the Duggars took a family road trip, but fans were quick to notice that Joy-Anna was missing.

The family went to the Grand Canyon and from their made a stop at Phoenix, Arizona. The road trip then further led to a visit to the American Girl Store in California before they made a final stop in Los Angeles to visit their daughter, Jinger, and her family. 

However, Joy-Anna later revealed that her absence at the road trip was as a result of taking her own trip with her husband and some of her brothers to Colorado. From the look of things, it was such a beautiful trip.


The Duggars are conservative, thereby strict with their beliefs. To prevent sinning, they usually advocate that their children marry as early as possible.  

Austin Forsyth, 25, was only 23 when he married Joy-Anna, and she was 19. However, the marriage was presumed to be an "arranged" one with the couple's family wanting them together. 

It however seems to work out for the couple who are now parents to an adorable toddler. 

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