Mother-Of-6 Champale Anderson Has Been Feeding Hundreds of Children in Her Missouri Neighborhood for 5 Years

A St. Louis mother-of-six took it upon herself to feed hundreds of children in her neighborhood for free. She has been doing it for five years.

An answer and angel! A Missouri woman with six children living in St. Louis, Missouri, has shown that kindness is not dead, and selflessness and philanthropy is not about having millions in the bank.


Champale Anderson, a health care provider, has been feeding hundreds of children in her neighborhood for five years. Speaking with People, she recalled that,

"I'm always the one that kids come to whenever they are in trouble. [When] they need somewhere to stay, I'm usually the one they can stay with."

Anderson explained that this preexisting relationship gave her insight into how most of the neighborhood children were faring, and it turned out that most of them were hungry, and not eating enough.

The realization stirred up a desire in the 48-year-old mother to help, and she started packaging sandwiches made with peanut butter, jelly, turkey, or bologna, for the children.


The St. Louis resident also adds juice boxes, fruit snacks, whole fruits, and cookies. The feeding operation started with 15 children, but as soon as it became public knowledge, more children thronged to her door before and after school. 

Anderson acknowledged that although she does not earn much, she had a little extra to help, and a sign placed outside her home asked for donations.

The health care provider got the latter after the Fox News affiliate, KTV1, interviewed her in September. She told the news outlet about the feeding program which she named Champ's Teardrop,

"It makes me so proud, and I want to keep it going. My goal is to; I want to go to different neighborhoods, and give out bags."


That same month, Anderson created a GoFundMe account to raise money, and got $60,000; her target was $1, 500.

The money gave her the funds she needed to branch out, and she has since opened feeding centers in four neighborhoods, and run them with the help of her aunt and sister.

Anderson believes that, like Mother Teresa, she cannot change the world alone. Still, she is determined to create as many ripples as possible, as no one deserves to go hungry, especially children.

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