Michigan Girl Who Was Denied School Pictures Because of Her Hair Gets to Pose in a Professional Photo Shoot

A generous photographer led a photo shoot for 8-year-old Marian Scott, who wasn't permitted to take her school picture.

Marian was denied a school picture at Jackson's Paragon Charter Academy for having red braid extensions in her hair, which violated dress code policies, as reported by WILX.

To help rebuild her confidence, a lot of photographers, including Jermaine Horton from Chicago, reached out to her and her family and offered to give her photo shoots.

Marian said, "It was fun, you got to pose and change clothes and got to be yourself."

Horton wrote on Facebook, "When I heard about this story I was furious as a parent because the first thing I thought about was the impact of what this would do to such a beautiful little girl."

Horton drove hours to treat her to a magazine-worthy shoot and gave Marian a new wardrobe.

"Confidence is a process especially when you are rebuilding someone's confidence, especially a child because they are so fragile, so we want to make sure that she feels great that day, but also going forward that it's ongoing and she still feels that support," said Horton.

Both the third-grader and her family are thankful for both the positives and negatives all through this entire experience. 

Back in October, Marian wasn't allowed to pose for picture day at Paragon Charter Academy in Jackson due to the hair extensions.

According to the Paragon Charter Academy handbook, the student's hair color must be natural tones to get their photo taken. 

However, the course of action if a student appears with colored hair isn't clear. In an interview with TODAY Parents, Marian's father Doug Scott said at the time:

"Marian had to stand in the hallway while everyone was taking pictures."

He added, "They said she couldn't represent the school. My daughter is always happy, so to see her crying, it breaks my heart."

Scott and his wife, LaToya Howard, have pulled their daughter out of Paragon Charter Academy. But the couple will keep on forcing the school to change their "outdated" policies.

Currently, Marian is attending a public school, where she is allowed to express herself through fashion.

In a statement, Paragon Charter Academy spokesperson Leah Nixon told TODAY Parents that the staff takes "great care to ensure families are well informed about this policy."

Nixon claimed that an automated call went out to all families, telling them about the code.

However, Marian's parents didn't receive the message and were unaware of the rule. 

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