January 16, 2020

Man Who Has Problem with His Wife Regularly Partying All Night with Friends Sparks Debate

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A man having issues with his wife's habit of keeping late nights took his matter to Reddit, with many users giving their opinion on it.

According to the man, his wife wanted them to relocate to a new city because of a job, which he agreed to. Due to them having children, they had to relocate in phases. 

First, his wife went, followed by the kids, and finally, the man. After moving in, the man discovered that his wife had been keeping late nights while he was still at their old apartment. 

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He found out on a particular night, when he woke up at 3 am, only to find that she wasn't home. He confronted her on the issue, and she explained that she was out with her friends. 

When the man told his wife to stop, the latter said she couldn't, because her spending time with her friends was important. Trying to compromise, he told her that she could keep late nights only twice a week. 

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This continued after several months, until one night when his wife failed to return home. The kids asked about their mom, a question the man could hardly answer.

 After several attempts to call her, she finally texted him at 11.30 am to come pick her up. They had a big fight about the issue, with the man telling his wife that this wasn't what they planned when deciding to move to the new place. 

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He added that they have been married for seven years and that he has never had any cause to doubt his wife. However, they were now separated, but leaving in the same house, and that she has continued with her late-night and drinking habit. 

The disturbed man also believes she had been cheating all the while, citing several instances. Most Reddit users who read the man's story questioned his wife's behavior.

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One user who commented believed that the man's wife was either addicted to alcohol, or cheating on him and advised that the husband should take her for marital counseling if he wanted to save the relationship. 

Another Reddit user also shared a story about his wife cheating on him, but that he forgave her and turned his back on his best friend for hating on her. 

According to the man, he understood his wife's reason for cheating. He had sort of cheated on her after she asked for a divorce at a point in time. After they settled the issues, his wife found out about it but forgave him. 

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However, she soon ended up kissing a man she met in a gym, who happened to be the husband of a bully backin high school. The man had been flirting with his wife for a while.

When the husband found out about this, even though he felt devastated, he was happy that his wife had gotten revenge over the bully. She also apologized and promised it would never happen again. 

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The issue now is that the man's best friend, Becca is furious with him, saying that he was being manipulated by his wife, something he didn't agree with. This led to an argument, which ended with him telling her off. 

He thus asked Reddit Users if he was at fault for doing so. Many users who responded told the man that he and his wife are horrible people and are not meant to be together.