Tyler Perry Gets Slammed for the Acting, Makeup and Wigs in 'A Fall from Grace'

Tyler Perry can't seem to catch a break as fans attacked him after the release of his latest work on Netflix.

Tyler Perry's first made-for-Netflix piece, "A Fall from Grace," got released on Friday, and fans have been trolling the actor, producer, and director ever since.

Actor/producer Tyler Perry visits LinkedIn Studios | Photo: Getty Images

Actor/producer Tyler Perry visits LinkedIn Studios | Photo: Getty Images

According to Refinery 29, the film focused on a woman who confessed to killing her new husband, thus causing a lawyer to uncover the likely conspiracy at play.

The film, which Netflix described as an "ominous," "suspenseful" thriller, had Cicely Tyson and Phylicia Rashad as part of its cast.

Despite the stars in the cast, viewers were displeased at what they saw and took to Twitter to let Tyler know it.

Most of them began by finding 'unforgiving' errors in the editing and continuity department, which included the drinking and eating of air.

Twitter user, Mercy, who found that particular error, went on to ask viewers to look at the extra that was "doing the most w/ the least."

Another user noted that while the film had an unexpected twist, the movie was "lowkey trash" especially with the acting, wigs, and makeup.

A third user stated that "A Fall from Grace" was as "unintelligent, poorly made and regressive" as anybody could imagine.

Another person expressed her disappointment that Tyler wasn't able to secure good wigs for the cast despite the millions of dollars he had in his bank account.

The fact that Tyler bragged about making the movie in five days didn't help his cause either, as a viewer tweeted that the lack of attention to detail showed.

The viewer also wanted to understand how the producer could take pride in releasing "trash [expletive] films with abused/unhappy Black women."

A sixth user shared that it was possible that the errors in the movie could have been a gimmick on Tyler's part.

To make matters even worse, reviewers have also turned their nose at the movie with one stating that the storyline for "A Fall from Grace" "was rife with plot holes the size of the Grand Canyon."

A writer for The Daily Beast added that the film had full-on melodrama with no room for the comic relief that Tyler's movies had become known for.

However, Variety noted that Crystal Fox's title character provided a compelling feel as a defeated and shell-shocked individual in jail.

Additionally, the site pointed out that Tyler has built a niche for himself, which many upcoming have also begun trying out.

Tyler Perry attends Tyler Perry's "A Fall From Grace" New York premiere at Metrograph | Photo: Getty Images

Tyler Perry attends Tyler Perry's "A Fall From Grace" New York premiere at Metrograph | Photo: Getty Images

The interest of these young creatives should, therefore, motivate the year-old to up his game, least they outdo him.

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