Daily Joke: Man Who Wants to Impress His Date Takes Her to an Italian Restaurant

Comfort Omovre
Feb 05, 2020
10:00 P.M.
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A man went on a date with a lovely lady to a fancy Italian restaurant, while seated at the lush restaurant, the couple had some excellent wine.


In a bit to impress the woman with him, he summoned the waiter and made a request, "We'll have the Giuseppe Spomdalucci." The waiter then replied to him, "sorry, Sir, that's the owner."

Photo of couple in evening wear having dinner on balcony, toasting with red wine | Photo: Getty Images


In another similar story, a man parked his car with his date seated beside him after driving out of town one sunny afternoon. They got to the back seats and were about to make love when she halted him and said,

"I forgot to mention this earlier, but I'm a sex worker, and my charge is $20 per sex rounds".

The man, hesitant at first, paid the money, and they had sex. When they had finished, the man sat back in the driver's seat as he looked out the window. She asked him, "Why aren't we moving?" Then he answered,

" I'm sorry I forgot to mention, but I'm a cabman, and the fare back to town is $25". 


A man wearing sunglasses and baseball hat in the passenger seat of a car turning around and smiling | Photo: Getty Images

Here's another interesting joke: A young man had eaten a jumbo-sized can of beans before going out on a date to the movies with a gorgeous babe.


After picking her up, he felt the need to release gas, but decided to let it out when they got to the movies. He asked her if she wanted popcorn and coke, she said, "yeah." So he quickly left for the bathroom. 

A couple pictured enjoying a movie at the cinema | Photo: Getty Images


He met a long queue in there and disappointed enough, he headed back to the lobby and got the snacks for his lady.

After they had finished showing the movie, he went back to the restroom and met a queue way longer than the first. He moved back to his car with the hope of using some space after dropping her off at home. 

Photo of men lined up in a restroom | Photo: Getty Images


A few minutes later, he dropped her off at home, or so he had thought when she said: " my grandparents came around, everyone is home, I'd like you to meet my family." He couldn't say no, so he stepped out of the car and into the house with her.

The little air inside his belly was about to burst out, and he didn't know what to do, then he noticed their dog lying down under the chair he sat on.

Cheerful guests at dinner table listening to friend and drinking wine | Photo: Getty Images


He finally let out the nasty gas hoping they'd blame it on the dog. "Duke," yelled grandpa. "Thank God they think it'd be the dog," he said to himself. 

He made another toxic release, and grandpa scolded once again. The third time he did it, grandpa finally stood up and thundered, "Duke, get away from that chair before he shits on you."

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