February 22, 2020

Dee Dee Davis from 'Bernie Mac Show' Is All Grown up Now and Stuns in Recent Mirror Selfies

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Dee Dee Davis is no longer a "Baby Girl" in recent photos. In fact, she's now a stunning young adult and a mother of a two-year-old. 

It’s been almost fourteen years since the “Bernie Mac Show” signed off and as you would imagine, “Baby Girl” is no longer a baby. Dee Dee Davis who played Bryana Thompson aka “Baby Girl” in the show is now a grown woman who welcomed a son in 2017.

A young Dee Dee Davis attending the 2005/2006 Fox Primetime Upfront. | Photo: Getty Images


Recent photos of Dee Dee prove how much she’s matured though she still maintains a youthful glow. The 23-year-old child star is quite the stunner in several selfies on her social media.

Dee Dee’s other posts feature her son, Logan Anthony Lee Jackson whose father is her longtime boyfriend, Smokey Lee Jackson


Her most recent photo is a mirror selfie where she’s sitting on the floor. She’s dressed in dark leggings and a matching top that slides down on the shoulders.

“How in the hell could you possibly love someone else,” Dee Dee wrote to caption the pic along with a black heart. It’s unclear if she was sending out the message for someone in particular.


Dee Dee’s other posts feature her son, Logan Anthony Lee Jackson whose father is her longtime boyfriend, Smokey Lee Jackson. Last we heard the couple were engaged but there had been no news of a wedding.

According to Film Journal, Dee Dee has not posted a photo of Smokey since 2016. And scouring through her Instagram which seemed to have gone through a clean-up recently, the earliest post in her feeds is from December 2019. None of her remaining posts feature Smokey.


What delights us are her photos with Logan because he is quite the charmer. The two-year-old looks a lot like his mother when she was younger.

So what’s Dee Dee up to these days? What we know so far is she took a break from acting a while back. She did reunite with her “The Bernie Mac Show” co-stars in 2018 and they even documented the occasion.

Dee Dee was joined in photos by her on-screen half-siblings, Camille Winbush who played Nessa and Jeremy Suarez who played Jordan. Like Dee Dee, Jeremy hasn’t been doing a lot of acting lately. As for Camille, she’s a recurring character in “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” playing Lauren.