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Loni Love Breaks down in Tears as She Talks about Black Women Not Knowing How to Eat Healthy on 'The Real'

Claudine Varela
Mar 07, 2020
03:20 A.M.
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Loni Love tearfully opened up about the reason she thinks Black women do not know how to eat healthy. But some fans did not agree with what she said.


Loni Love had a special message for her fellow Black women on her show recently:

“You can eat and not starve and you can still lose weight.”

The talk show host shared this message as she tearfully discussed the plight of Black women when it comes to eating healthy.

Loni Love during a visit to "Extra" at Burbank Studios in November 2019. | Photo: Getty Images



Loni shared her insights regarding the health of Black women on “The Real.” She recognized that women of color don’t know how to eat because of the habits they were accustomed to growing up.

...while it would appear Loni was coming from a good place in speaking on women’s health, some viewers didn’t appreciate it.


Loni confessed amid tears that she too grew up unaware of how to eating healthily and revealed why.

“Let me tell y’all, I did not know how to eat. Growing up in the projects, we just had to eat what we could. I know it sounds funny, but a lot of women in the African-American community, we don’t know how to eat because we grew up that way.”



Loni has been very transparent about her weight issues in the past. She overcame them by working hard to taper her weight through proper diet and exercise.

She recently partnered with WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and is now an ambassador for the brand. As such, she’s using her role to speak for African American women and help them overcome their health issues.

On the show, the 47-year-old encouraged Black women to “get healthier” while telling them it was alright to eat and not starve and still lose weight.



However, while it would appear Loni was coming from a good place in speaking on women’s health, some viewers didn’t appreciate it. They felt Loni was making generalizations about Black women based on her own health issues.

One displeased viewer tweeted,

“Loni has a deep rooted issue with black people and blackness in general that needs to be addressed. every chance she gets she pathologizes black behavior. case in point saying black people don’t know how to eat & ignoring the standard AMERICAN diet is unhealthy.”


Another pointed out,

“loni is forever projecting her personal issues as ‘black Issues’ just because you didn’t know what healthy eating was doesn’t mean all black women don’t”

A third commenter corrected Loni by saying,

“It’s not that black people don’t know how to eat it’s about the lack of access."


But there were also those who agreed with Loni’s opinion saying it’s been a struggle for Black women to gain access to healthy food. And they also recognize the role their poor background plays in it.

Loni spoke to People following her appointment as ambassador of WW. She said she’s determined to stay healthy by incorporating a lot of fresh food in her diet.

She also admitted she was inspired by Oprah Winfrey to subscribe to WW while grateful to her boyfriend, James Welsh for joining her in her journey.