Man Who Threw House Party While Mom Was Working 24-Hour Shift as a First Responder Goes Viral

In recent days, social media has been abuzz after a 26-year-old man threw a massive party while his first responder mother was on a 24-hour shift amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the world of the internet, almost everything that people do gets documented on social media, a situation that is more rampant among millennials. 

Thus, when a 26-year-old man decided to throw a massive party amid the novel coronavirus pandemic that is currently ravaging the world, it wasn't surprising for it to be found online.

Corona virus close up | Photo: Getty Images

Corona virus close up | Photo: Getty Images

Video clips of the party and the huge number of people in attendance shocked many people in the world, as to how some people were ignorant of the dangers posed by the pandemic

However, no one was more shocked than the man's mother, who was on a 24-hour shift as a first responder and oblivious of her son's plans for the night. She told NBC: 

"I was astounded when I saw the video." 

The disappointed mother, who asked for anonymity because of her job, said that she didn't know a party was held in her home until the police came to her house a few hours after she came back. 

She said that when she returned home, the house was clean and that nothing was amiss. However, the police asked her if she knew that a party held at her home. 

Wright also said that millennials like himself don't know how severe the pandemic was.

Confused, the woman said that she wasn't aware, prompting the officers to show her the trending video. She instantly became furious at her son for his ignorant and thoughtless behavior. 

The woman also explained that she had been unable to see her family for weeks because of social distancing precautions and the risks involved with her job. She said

"So if I'm social distancing, then I most definitely don't condone this type of behavior." 

The woman's son, Janeal Wright, admitted that he was wrong for throwing a massive party at this present time. He explained that he knew his mother would be on a late-night shift, and thus deactivated the video doorbell of their home. 

That way, his mother was unable to get notified of the increased activities in her house. Wright also said that he only asked 20 to 30 people to attend the party, which was held to celebrate two friends who were victims of Chicago gun violence. 

However, the number of guests rose to 200, something which surprised many people who watched the video online. Wright also said that millennials like himself don't know how severe the pandemic was, but that he had now seen the error in what he did. 

The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, also criticized Wright's behavior and all those who attended the party. Lori condemned the action, saying that it was reckless and unacceptable. 

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