Busby Quints of 'OutDaughtered' — Meaning of Names, Ages and Hobbies of the Reality Stars

The Busby family is known for their time on the TLC reality show centered around their family. Here is a look into the lives of the "Outdaughtered" stars.

Children are a blessing, While it might be difficult raising them and trying to ensure they follow the right path, the joy that comes with having them around is indescribable.

Adam and Danielle Busby are parents to six adorable daughters. Their first daughter Blayke was born after they struggled with infertility, and four years after, they welcomed their set of quintuplets who were all the same sex.

The Busby family during an episode of "OutDaughtered" | Photo: YouTube/TLC UK

The Busby family during an episode of "OutDaughtered" | Photo: YouTube/TLC UK

It is a rare phenomenon to have the same sex in high order multiple births, but the Busby's were thrilled when they got to meet their adorable daughters who were born at 28 weeks.

Following their birth, the family has tried to keep up with running the house and catering to the need of six daughters, and while the quints might have been born at the same time, the girls are different and have great individual personalities.

The first of the Busby daughters is nine years old, Blayke. Dubbed the big sister of the house, Blayke is described as thoughtful and the best big sister there ever was. 

A lover of animals whose favorite song is "Someone You Love," Blayke hopes to become a vet when she gets older. Aside from playing volleyball or drawing, Blayke's superhero is Jesus, and she hopes to go to college someday.

Adam and Danielle are grateful for their blessings.

Ava Lane is the first of the quints and the one with the most attitude according to her mother's blog, "Its a Buzz World." Ava is also dubbed the sassiest of the bunch and enjoys playing Botley and visiting the beach. She wants to be a doctor and says her favorite thing to wear is lipgloss.

The second in the bunch and the third of the Busby's children is Olivia Maria. Olivia and Ava are identical twins and share a more special bond than the other sisters. While she is good at dancing and hopes to be a bird when she grows up, Olivia is the goofiest and the one who makes everyone laugh.

The most soft-spoken of the Busby Girls is Hazel Grace. Born with an eye condition that requires her to wear glasses, Hazel is the calmest sister and is content with being by herself sometimes. The only one to have red locks, Hazel wishes for her own house and says her mum is her hero.

Dubbed the firecracker, and the most opinionated is Riley Paige. Riley is also the trouble maker and enjoys catching lizards with her dad. The quint whose favorite movie to watch is "Trolls 2" while enjoying cucumbers, is also a daddy's girl.

The last of the girls and the "baby" of the house is Parker Kate. She is also the tallest of the quints and says the best thing she loves doing is putting on her mommy's lipgloss. Parker is also the most stubborn of the girls and her mother's "little doll."

The girls who had to spend their birthday this year during the quarantine period are fast growing up to be independent youngsters who delight in keeping their parents on their toes.

Although it might be difficult to tell the girls apart, it is quite easy to note their differences; Hazel is distinct because of her glasses and red hair.

Parker is the tallest with straight hair, Riley has the smallest head and face with blue eyes, Olivia has a rounded face and curliest hair. In contrast, Ava has a square face and long hair with curls.

While it might be challenging to keep up with the girls as they grow older, Adam and Danielle are grateful for their blessings and the extraordinary life they have been given.

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