June 29, 2020

Woman Tells Son's Girlfriend She'll Need to Go on the Pill to Date Her Son

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A young girl went to dinner with her boyfriend's parents, and she was asked to go on birth control, by his mother. This however embarrassed the girl and she ended up leaving upset.

The story of the day follows a young girl who asked Reddit users to determine if she had overreacted to her boyfriend's mother's question. Last week, the young girl met her boyfriend's parents for the first time, and they all had dinner together.

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While having dinner, the young girl was asked by her boyfriend's mother if she was on birth control. This question embarrassed the young lady because her boyfriend, his twin brother, and father were all at the table.

Some Reddit users did not approve the woman's decision to ask such a personal question in other people's presence. One user wrote:

"Your medical information is none of her business, and ESPECIALLY not the entire dinner table's business."

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After being asked the question, the young girl replied by stating that she was not on birth control. The boyfriend's mother then insisted that the young girl would have to go on birth control if she truly wanted to date her son.

The boyfriend's mother then told the girl that she would need to prove she has gone on birth control the next time they meet.

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This was embarrassing for the young girl, and it was also equally upsetting for her as she ended up making some snarky comments.

On realizing her mistakes, the young girl apologized, but she was asked to leave by her boyfriend's mother, who accused her of being rude.

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This further infuriated the young girl, and she replied to her boyfriend's mother by stating that the question was a personal one, and she would have been more responsive if it was asked in private.

She then concluded her story by explaining that she told the story to some people, and they told her she had misbehaved towards her boyfriend's mother. Reddit users however thought otherwise with one user writing:

"It's none of her business whether you're on the pill or not, her responsibility is to her son and not to police what you do with your body."

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Another user wrote, "Under no circumstances were you in the wrong here," while many more showed support for the young girl's actions.