July 25, 2020

'Chappaquiddick' Author Leo Damore — Look through His Life and Legacy

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Author Leo Damore wrote several books about the Kennedys. In 1995, he took his own life at his Connecticut apartment. He was 66.

Damore's books include "Cape Cod Years of John F. Kennedy" and "Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Coverup," among others.

As reported by PEOPLE, Damore was reportedly taking a shot at a book about Mary Pinchot Meyer, the mistress of President John F. Kennedy. In 1964, Meyer was shot and killed.

Leo Damore posing in chair on lawn at home, circa 1989. | Photo: Getty Images


Damore's son, Nick, however, has never discovered the manuscript in question. Nick is currently working on a documentary about his father.

The project is in the post-production process. The 34-year-old's expectation is to release it within the year with his partner, Matt Cascella, who is a filmmaker. They made a GoFundMe page to help with their expenses for the said documentary.

As reported by PEOPLE, when Nick was ten years old, he chatted with his father in the garden of a friend's house. According to him, his father told him that "If anything ever happens to me, there's a box under my bed for you."

Leo Damore posing against a tree in yard at home, circa 1989. | Photo: Getty Images


Later that night, Nick saw a metal strongbox under the bed of his father. Around two weeks later, his father died from a self-inflicted gunshot to his head.

And Nick never saw the box again. According to the outlet, Damore was reportedly strong-minded to handle the strange passing of Meyer.

Nick still has numerous unanswered questions concerning the life and death of his father.

Leo Damore working in his study at home., circa 1989. | Photo: Getty Images


Hours after her death, Meyer's diary reportedly disappeared. Her murder remains unsolved.stays unsolved. In an interview with the outlet, Nick said he thought about whether his father knew too much.

"Part of Leo's story is that he experienced such a clear attempt to stop him from pursuing stories about the Kennedys," he explained. "I think Leo kept pushing it a little bit. And there's the drop in the drink thing."

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and their children John, Jr. and Caroline, at their summer house in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in 1962 | Photo: Wikimedia Commons


In these times, Nick still has numerous unanswered questions concerning the life and death of his father. He conceded that he attempts to disregard what happened for quite a long time. However, as he got older, Nick said he had questions and that there were inconsistencies.

His father was no stranger to the drama that involves the Kennedys. His book, "Senatorial Privilege," took eight years of research and included over 200 interviews.

The book investigated the Chappaquiddick scandal of Senator Ted Kennedy. It happened in 1969. At the time, Kennedy's vehicle fell into the waters off of Martha's Vineyard.

His passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, was left to die in that accident. Kopechne's mysterious death was the subject of PEOPLE's 2018 podcast Cover-Up.