August 09, 2020

Daily Joke: Two Men Were Lost in a Desert

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Two men got lost in a desert, and while searching for food, one of them was killed by an ambush that appeared like a bacon tree from far away.

Two men who were lost in a desert became hungry and thirsty. Although they kept seeing water in the distance, they realized it was a mirage every time they got closer.

One of the men then saw a tree in the distance that had slices of bacon hanging from every branch, and this brought a little bit of hope.

Photo of a desert | Photo: Pixabay


He then pointed the tree to his companion while adding that there might likely be water there as well. His companion looked towards the tree and explained that it was only another mirage.

The first man however insisted and said: "No, I can see it clearly. It’s not a mirage. It’s an actual tree. I’m going to get some food."

Photo of a man in desert | Photo: Pixabay


After saying this, the first man took off and started running towards the bacon tree. As he got closer to the tree, there was the sound of rapid gunfire coming from behind the tree, and this left him severely wounded.

However, before he died, he made sure to warn his companion about the tree. The first guy yelled to his friend: "Run! It’s not a bacon tree; it’s a hambush!"

Photo of trees in a desert | Photo: Pixabay


Enjoyed that joke? Here’s another good one about a visitor who was strolling along the surf one morning. While on the stroll, the visitor came across a man who had a fishing pole in his hand while he slept against a big coastal rock.

Suddenly, the fishing pole began to jerk violently, and because of this, the visitor woke the fisherman so he could see that the pole caught a fish.

Man fishing from the boat on the ocean. | Photo: Pexels


After waking up from his sleep, the fisherman drowsily asked the visitor to help him pull out the line. Although he was confused, the visitor did as he was requested, and right after, the fisherman asked for another favor.

This time, the fisherman asked the visitor to put some fresh bait on the hook and cast the fishing line into the water. Once again, he did as he was told.

Photo of a fisherman busy catching fish. | Photo: Pixabay.


After doing what was requested of him, the visitor noted that anyone as lazy as the fisherman was supposed to get married so he could have a son who would help him out.

The fisherman then smiled and stated that he liked the idea. He then turned to the visitor and said: "Know where I could find a pregnant woman?"

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Source: Startsat60