August 15, 2020

Woman Refuses to Let Fiancé's Nephews Attend Their Wedding

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A woman who is getting married next summer refused to let her fiancé's nephews attend their wedding because of the couple's earlier agreement.

Writing on Reddit, the bride-to-be shared that she and her fiancé have agreed that they want a "21+ older wedding."

The woman clarified that she had no problem with children. In fact, they have one of their own. However, they want a more adult-friendly wedding.

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Recently, they started to let their loved ones know the date of their wedding as well as the memorandum that it is a "no kids" wedding. They told them that "no exceptions will be made."

"My fiancé's sister got hers last week and called fiancé to let him know that 'my' demand to exclude her kids from the wedding was unreasonable," the woman wrote.

Her fiancé's sister has two sons. Although she described them as "fairly unruly," the woman insisted that their decision had nothing to do with the children's behavior.

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"My fiancé politely explained that this was our wedding, the decision was mutual, and she can't bring them," she wrote. "Although angry she finally quit arguing."

The conflict began when her fiancé suddenly decided that their son would be the ring-bearer while at dinner at his sister's house.

The woman explained to her future sister-in-law that they only wanted their son to be involved in the ceremony for photos.

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Her fiancé's sister was immediately upset with his decision. She insisted that their son should not be allowed to attend since it is a grown-ups-only wedding.

The woman explained to her future sister-in-law that they only wanted their son to be involved in the ceremony for photos.

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She also explained that they had planned to arrange a sitter that would take their child "for the rest of the day/night."

However, her fiancé's sister threw a fit, saying it is unfair that their son is involved in the wedding while hers are not. She even spoke badly about her for breaking her own rule.

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