August 26, 2020

See Alexis Ohanian's Cute Snap with Daughter Olympia with a Puppy Filter Shared on Instagram

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Alexis Ohanian, an Armenian-American internet entrepreneur, co-founder of Reddit, and husband to Serena Williams, posted a picture of him and his daughter with a puppy filter turned on.

In what can only be described as unbelievably cute, Alexis Ohanian took a picture with his daughter, Olympia Ohanian. Ohanian had an adorable cute puppy filter on when he took the picture and his daughter had the perfect pose. They seemed to be enjoying some awesome father and daughter time.

This cuteness is not only for dad, but mother and daughter also have their own special bond. In a recent post, Serena shared a video of her and her daughter Olympia swapping clothes. The cute post showed that what is a full-sized shirt for the two-year-old Olympia is only a crop top for Williams.



The dynamic mother and daughter team enjoy dressing up and having play dates, and they seem to have hit their stride when it comes to coordinating outfits.

Olympia looks like a mini-me version of her mom, and this is quite a common occurrence for them. They posted an exceedingly sweet picture of them dressing up in matching Disney costumes.

Alexis Ohanian and Olympia Ohanian posing for a cute selfie | Photo Instagram/@alexisohanian


Williams posted a picture of the two-year-old helping her zip up the dress to Instagram. The endearing caption read:

"She's got my back already. And I'll always have hers."

This Disney moment sent fans hitting the heart emojis to no end. The picture ended up attracting almost 590,000 likes in a very short space of time.


The family has been able to spend a lot of time together during the lockdown. This closeness and cuteness extend to the couple as well.

Williams and Ohanian celebrated their second anniversary in November. During the celebration, Williams gave a shout to Ohanian and joked about him still putting up with her.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian attend "The Game Changers" New York premiere on September 09, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


In most photos that the couple takes together, they always seem to be laughing and having fun, and that spark seems to be very much alive. The tennis champ has always had something good to say about her husband, often remarking that it is terrific to have him in her life.

All this time that the family can spend together is a change of pace for them. The athlete had previously opened up about the difficulty she had in balancing family and her demanding training schedule.

In February, Williams said that the hardest part is walking out of the house while her daughter was crying because she wanted to be with mom.

Williams looks to other mothers for inspiration when it comes to managing both and seems to be doing a pretty good job.