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Michael Rooker from 'The Walking Dead' Opens up about His Experience with COVID-19

Lois Oladejo
Sep 08, 2020
11:30 A.M.
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The novel coronavirus pandemic has continued to tear through the United States, with thousands of people reporting cases every day. Actor Michael Rooker recently let fans in on how he coped with the virus. 


Rooker shared a post on his Facebook page, explaining his experience dealing with the novel coronavirus pandemic. He pointed out that he has been dealing with the disease's effects for a while and that it was quite a grueling experience.  

Starting off, Rooker explained that he believed this ordeal was a war. As with every battle, just about anything was fair game. 

Photo of Coronavirus quarantine sign | Photo: Pixabay


The actor also shared that he hadn't taken any drugs or medications to help with his conditions. Many have advocated for cures for coronavirus symptoms, while companies have dedicated themselves to finding drugs for them, too. 

For now, however, there aren't any vaccines or drugs that can help. Elaborating on why he didn't take any medications, Rooker said:

"I felt that if my immune system was not already prepared for this battle loading up with all this extra stuff would only do me damage..."


Despite his decision not to take any drugs, Rooker explained that he understood the significance of social distancing. So, he stayed home and kept himself isolated. 

The actor also explained that his battle with the novel coronavirus pandemic was an "internal" one on a cellular level.

Despite not taking any additional drugs, however, Rooker has now tested negative for the virus


As for how he felt, Rooker explained that the ordeal was a bit of a mixed bag. He'd feel good on some days, and he'd feel terrible on others. 

The assessment is pretty synonymous with several other notable people who have shared their experiences living with the health problem. 


Despite not taking any additional drugs, however, Rooker has now tested negative for the virus. He's ready to rejoin society again. The actor reveled in his negative diagnosis, explaining that his body had won the war and that he kicked the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Rooker also pointed out that the decisions he took were for him alone. He noted that he wasn't encouraging anyone to follow his footsteps. 

The issue of drugs amid the novel coronavirus pandemic has been pretty significant. In the absence of a vaccine, many have peddled different "cures."

However, most people who do live with the virus are still waiting for a possible cure. In the meantime, self-isolation and healthy habits are still the top recommendations.


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