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Daily Joke: A Father and Son Go to Watch a Football Match

Bettina Dizon
Sep 10, 2020
11:30 P.M.
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A father took his son to watch a football game, but accidentally forgot the tickets at home and had to decide on their next step to enter the stadium.


Today's laughs is brought by a father who decided to take his son to watch a football game. They went to the stadium with much excitement until realizing that the dad did not have the tickets.

Quickly, the father asked his son to run back home to see if he left the tickets. The boy nodded and raced back home while his dad waited outside the stadium gates.


Thirty minutes later, the lad returned to find his father patiently waiting outside the stadium. “Did you find them?” the dad asked. The boy responded:

“Yep! They’re on the kitchen table where you left them.”

Similarly, a farm boy had an accident and made a decision that he knew his father would not like. While working one day, the boy accidentally overturned his wagon full of corn.


His neighbor farmer heard the commotion and called the young man. “Hey Wilmer,” he shouted. “Forget your troubles. Come in and have a bite with us, then I’ll help you get the wagon up.”

Wilmer thanked the kind farmer for his offer but said his father would not like it, but the farmer insisted. “Well okay, but Pa won’t like it,” the boy repeated.


After a tasty meal with his neighbor’s family, Wilmer thanked the farmer and said he felt much better, but knew his Pa would be angry. 

The farmer reassured Wilmer that all would be well before asking, “By the way, where is your Pa?” Wilmer looked at him and replied, “Under the wagon.”

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