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Closer Weekly: Wendie Malick Says She Feels like a Kid Because She Has Living Parents

Busayo Ogunjimi
Oct 08, 2020
02:40 P.M.
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Award-winning actress Wendie Malick is about to turn seventy years old, but she admitted that she does not feel old and still feels like a kid because her parents are alive. 


No matter how old a child gets, they would forever remain kids in the eye of their parents. It is no wonder that award-winning actress Wendie Malick feels like a kid because her parents are alive.

In a chat with Closer Weekly, Malick explained that her coming birthday is kind of surreal to her because the actress does not feel like she would be turning seventy in a couple of months.

Photo of Wendie Malick during an interview with Access Daily's Mario Lopez and Scott Evans | Photo: Youtube / Access


The soon-to-be 70-year-old actress Malick added that: "I still have two living parents — my mother is 92, and my dad is 100 — so I think that's part of the reason I still feel like a kid."

Malick also expressed that the whole idea of getting older is to be a better version of one's self irrespective of the age one is clocking. She advised that there was no point in holding on to who one was ten years ago.


For Malick, who has maintained a pescatarian diet for the past 32 years, one secret that has kept her going and energetic is taking long walks outside in order to get away from stress and trouble.

Another secret she had to share on maintaining a healthy lifestyle at almost seventy years old is that she tries to exercise as often as possible asides from spending time riding her horses or walking her dogs.

Malick did not start as an actress.


Malick's outlook on life has also extended to her work life. For her, acting means taking on extreme characters and looking for the emotions from deep within to bring the role to life.

Her love for her craft has led Malick to reaffirm that she does not have retiring plans, and even if she is in her 90's, she would continually give her best to whatever role she has to play.


Interestingly, Malick did not start as an actress. She began her journey as a model with the Wilhelmina modeling agency in the 1970s after graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio, United States, with a BA in theater.

The actress's journey in the entertainment industry has seen her take on various roles ranging from comic to dramatic. Her excellent delivery on the roles has earned her nominations in multiple categories.


One of her recent works sees her acting in the Disney show, "The Owl House." For Malick, the show, which would feature Disney's first bisexual character, is a big step towards inclusion for those who need it.

Conclusively, from endearing grandmother roles to comic relief roles, Malick, who is keen on staying in the scene for as long as life allows, believes that things can only better as one age.