Tim Norman Pleads Not Guilty to Charges in Murder-for-Hire Plot, Asks to Stay with Miss Robbie

Kareena Koirala
Oct 15, 2020
01:01 P.M.
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Former "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's" star James Timothy Norman pleaded not guilty to orchestrating the murder of his teenage nephew. He was arrested on August 18 in connection with the case.


On October 13, former "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's" reality star James Timothy Norman pleaded not guilty to the allegations that he conspired to take the life of his teenage nephew on March 13, 2016. 

Norman's nephew, Andre Montgomery Jr. was mysteriously murdered and three defendants including him were charged. Montgomery Jr. was the grandson of Norman's mother, Robbie Montgomery. 

"Welcome to Sweetie Pie's" Lil Charles, Tim Norman and Miss Robbie Montgomery attend the Soul Train Awards 2011. | Photo: Getty Images



Whether or not Norman will be held in custody has not been decided yet, but his defense attorney John Rogers believes that he is not a likely flight risk and wants him to be released so that he can stay with his mother in the St. Louis area. 

Norman's co-defendant, Terica Taneisha Ellis, who allegedly lured Montgomery Jr. onto his murder site, also pleaded not guilty. She will be held in jail until trial. As for Norman, prosecutors said that he should be required to be held. 



Ellis allegedly received $10,000 from Norman to bring his nephew to Natural Bridge Avenue in St. Louis. She worked as an exotic dancer in the past at a strip club in Metro East and that is how she knew Montgomery Jr.

Norman is no stranger to legal drama. 



Norman and Ellis had been in an intimate relationship in the past. According to a St. Louis police detective, Norman had told her that he wanted to find his nephew to confront him about  $200,000 that had been stolen from his grandmother's house. 

Prior to his murder, Montgomery Jr. was interrogated by the police on that matter. Back then, he said that he suspected Norman had something to do with it and denied stealing the money. 



In 2014, Norman made himself the sole beneficiary of his nephew's $450,000 life insurance policy. Before the murder took place, he and Ellis had been using temporary phones to stay in touch. 

An official release also stated that they used those phones to communicate with Montgomery Jr. After Ellis asked him where he was, she called Norman without wasting any time. 


Things became more suspicious after Norman's nephew was murdered. Ellis headed out to Memphis, Tennessee, and also deposited $9000 into several bank accounts. Soon after, Norman tried to collect the insurance money. 

Norman is no stranger to legal drama. When he was 17, he had been arrested on charges of armed robbery and was sentenced to serve 10 years. He joined the family business after his release in hopes of building a new and better life for himself. 


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