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Blind Woman Goes Viral after Showing Her Daily Routine on TikTok — Check Her Out

Bettina Dizon
Oct 24, 2020
02:30 P.M.
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Lucy Edwards, 24, used TikTok to show everyone how blind people go about their daily activities such as applying makeup, cooking, and crossing the street.


The phone application TikTok grew popular amongst today’s young generation in recent months, reaching its height as the coronavirus pandemic locked everyone within the four walls of their home.

Apart from entertainment, many used the famous app to inform others about the different lives each person wakes up to daily. Lucy Edwards, a 24-year-old blind woman, was among those who used TikTok to share how she goes about her daily routine with such a disability.


Her many posts have since gone viral, gaining millions of followers and views in an instant. In one of her clips, Edwards shared how she does her everyday makeup, which surprised many over how good she was with cosmetics.

In the video, she detailed how she practiced the perfect blend every day until knowing her face by touch and using products she already knows. Muscle memory also plays a crucial role in applying cosmetics and perfecting the task.


Edwards completely lost her eyesight at the age of 17 because of a rare genetic condition inherited from her mother. She was able to have sight of the world prior to the loss, leaving her with a glimpse of how things are.

Despite her disability, Doods impressed the judges and made it to the next round.


Becoming blind did not exactly heighten her other senses. However, she learned to use them better and become more sensitive to them. For example, in one of her videos, Edwards shared how she takes a shower without getting products mixed up.

Apart from leaving things organized and how she left them, the 24-year-old can tell shampoo from the conditioner by feeling the bottle and the lather it makes from a mere touch.


She can also do other activities independently such as crossing the street through helpful tools. While at first, Edwards thought that her life would change drastically and she would become completely incapable of doing things herself, she proved common beliefs wrong.

According to Edwards, losing sight does not mean she cannot work as it does not affect her thinking skills, competency, or capability in other aspects of life.

Several blind people have proven their talents and capabilities among their peers including 15-year-old Kenadi Doods who recently took the stage singing in “America’s Got Talent.”

The young teen performed “One Way Ticket to Tennessee,” an original song she composed with a guitar. Despite her disability, Doods impressed the judges and made it to the next round.