November 22, 2020

Daily Joke: A Man Gets Stopped by the Police While Wandering

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An older man was wandering the street late at night when suddenly a young police officer halted him and asked where he was going. The man immediately thought of an answer to his question.

"I am on my way to a lecture about liquor abuse and the impacts it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late," the man told the police.

The police could not believe what the old man had told him, so he asked who was teaching that lecture at this time of the night. To which the man replied: "That would be my wife."

A man wandering the streets late at night. | Photo: Pexels



One night, the husband and wife were on their way home from a bar when a police officer pulled them over. He stopped them, the police said, because the husband's light was burned out.

The husband immediately apologized to the police. He told him that he did not realize it was out and that he'll get it fixed right away. The man was nervous about what he's going to do.

People doing cheers at a bar. | Photo: Pexels


Just then, the wife disclosed to her husband that she knows this would happen when she told him two days prior to fix the light. The husband was even more nervous because of what she said.

As he expected, the officer asked for his license. The husband had no other choice but to give it. After looking at his license, the police told him that it had expired.

Man giving his jacket to the woman. | Photo: Pexels


And again, the husband apologized and explained that he did not realize that it had expired. He additionally guaranteed the police that he would deal with it before anything else.

At that point, the wife said to her husband that she told him last week that there was a letter informing him that his license had expired. His wife even told him that if he only listened to her, their situation would not have ended like this.


By this time, the husband was a bit upset with his wife contradicting him in front of the police. He could not stop himself from telling her to just shut her mouth.

The officer then leaned over toward the wife and asked if her husband always talks to her like that. To which the wife answered that only when he was drunk.

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Source: Starts At 60