Here's What 'Grey's Anatomy' Producers Revealed about Meredith's Future Following Her Collapse

Busayo Ogunjimi
Dec 18, 2020
02:20 P.M.
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"Grey's Anatomy" has been on a significant roll recently, with the TV series delivering a powerful 17th season. Recently, showrunners discussed their direction following a nail-biting end to the season.


The 17th season of "Grey's Anatomy" was nothing short of suspenseful, with several fan-favorites recast and different surprise cameos. As expected, the winter finale of the show delivered a cliffhanger for many.

As avid watchers know, the 17th season has focused primarily on Meredith Grey, the show's leading lady, and her battle with the novel coronavirus. While Grey looked to be making progress in the winter finale episode, she ended up on a ventilator.

A portrait of some of the early cast of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" on August 15, 2006 | Photo: Getty Images


The episode is sure to get even the most skeptical viewers concerned about Grey's survival. The showrunners recently spoke with ET Online on the direction they would take with Grey's condition.

Andy Reaser, the show's executive producer, explained that there is a lot to unpack from the recent development. On Grey's condition, he said:

"It's not something that we take lightly and we don't want to feel like Meredith is being let off the hook too easily. The virus keeps everyone guessing and it's relentless..."


Fellow executive producer Meg Marinis explained that while Grey had faced near-death experiences before, this was much different. With the novel coronavirus being so unpredictable, things can get better at one second and immediately come crashing down.

Eventually, Grey was put on a ventilator, with the show delivering an emotional closing scene.


The unpredictable nature of the virus is primarily what the showrunners were looking to portray in this season of "Grey's Anatomy." Grey had been dealing with the novel coronavirus for the better part of the season, and she looked to be getting better.

Grey looked to be on the mend as of the winter finale, and she even played hero to help a nearby patient from her sick bed. Still, she soon found that she was not as okay as she thought. Marinis explained:

"Meredith Grey is as a young, healthy person, healthy doctor. The fact that it's gotten this far, it's super scary for all of us, as fans and also people living with this..."


Eventually, Grey was put on a ventilator, with the show delivering an emotional closing scene. The scene primarily showed the seriousness of the novel coronavirus pandemic and how much it had affected healthcare workers everywhere.

Currently, the question of Grey's health is up in the air. Many can point to the character as central to the show, but "Grey's Anatomy" has killed some famous names in the past.

Most notable, of course, is Derek Shepard. Played by Patrick Dempsey, Shepherd died in season 11. His death has so far been perhaps the most shocking for "Grey's Anatomy."

For now, fans will have to wait for the remainder of the season for the answer. "Grey's Anatomy" will return in March 2021.


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